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Ah, Christmas. So much stuff to organise – food, presents, plans – and so little time to do it. Now, I can’t help you with the last minute mince pie requests or the sudden call for a star costume (for real, made one out of a wine box earlier this week in ten minutes flat) but I can help you with wine. If you haven’t sorted your wines out yet, there’s still time to order a case of this year’s KMWC Christmas Selection (click here for details). Or go to this week’s festive-food friendly wine reviews for a red, white and pudding wine under a tenner. Next week, cocktails.

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Current white in the rack: Vandenberg Chardonnay

Price: £10 - Buy From Co-op

The classic white match for christmas lunch/dinner/whatever is white burgundy so this is a variation on a theme. Same grape but from South Australia’s Adelaide Hills region. It’s ripe, round and creamy with plenty of weight and flavour so it’ll take all the flavours of turkey & trimmings in its stride. And if there’s any left, save it for (creamy) cheese.

Current red in the rack: Definition Cotes du Rhone 1.5l

Price: £17.99 - Buy From Majestic

Gorgeous soft, juicy french red from the Rhone, this comes in a Christmas-friendly magnum-sized bottle. It looks amazing, is great value and best of all, is the kind of wine that can handle all kinds of flavours on the plate from pigs in blankets to brussels sprouts. And if there’s any left, it’ll do cheese too. A real festive multitasker, this one.

Current sweet wine in the rack: Pudding Wine

Price: £8.99 - Buy From Aldi

This is, basically, christmas pudding in a glass. Smells and tastes of raisins, candied peel, figs and treacle with the added bonus of warming alcohol. And it goes with mince pies as well as it does a hunk of blue cheese so you don’t even have to get another glass when you move seamlessly from one to the other. Win win.

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