Come From Away

I’ve been working away from home this week. Of course I miss the kids blah blah but there are serious upsides. Take yesterday. After work, I met a friend for a drink and a bite to eat at one of my favourite London restaurants, Barrafina (the new/old one on Dean Street in Soho). One of the only things you want to drink after tasting wine all day is either tea, a stiff G&T or (my favourite) a glass of bone dry sherry. So there I was, manzanilla in hand, when Andrew Scott walked past. You know, the priest from Fleabag. Reader, I felt blessed. Then we went (me and my friend that is, not me and Andrew Scott) to see the best play I’ve seen for years. Called Come From Away, it’s the story of what happened when planes diverted after the 9/11 attacks landed in Newfoundland. Honestly, it’s amazing. Go and see it if you can. Now, if you’ll excuse me I’m off to eat Turkish food in Shoreditch.

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  1. Hi Helen
    Sherry, the first thing people think of is the sweet drink served to your grandmother at Christmas but it’s not all about sweet. I find the drier styles the Fino’s & Manzanilla’s (served ice cold) brilliantly refreshing but I find people either love or hate them.
    Very much an acquired taste, served with olives and almonds and Spanish jamon it’s a refreshing alternative and can be a great aperitif. The nutty salty flavour is not for everyone but I urge everyone to give it a go you may be pleasantly surprised.

    The Gitana Manzanilla is fabulous.

    Salud & drink well

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