Good Grief

Grief is a funny thing. As in peculiar rather than ha ha, obviously. Seventeen years ago my brother died. I remember, a few years after, googling the five stages of grief. I just wanted to know when it would stop hurting so much. But the thing is grief doesn’t ever really go away. It does, however, get easier to live with. And – this is the really weird bit –  in time it can make good things happen. A few weeks ago I recorded a podcast with my friend and founder of One Small Thing and the Justice podcast series, Edwina Grosvenor. It covers grief, forgiveness and wine. You can listen to it here. Preferably glass in hand.

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Current gin in the drinks cupboard: Chapel Down Pinot Noir Gin

Price: £35 - Buy From Chapel Down

Pink gin, made from distilled Pinot Noir grapes. I know! Such a good idea. This is from Chapel Down, wine producers based in Kent (they make great sparkling wine and a lovely Bacchus to boot). Juniper is still the headline act but it’s also made with dried red fruits and rose buds. Delicious – and beautiful to look at.

Current red in the rack: Famille Perrin Les Cardinaux Cotes du Rhone

Price: £8 - Buy From Co-op

Currently on offer (it’s usually £10), this gorgeous red is made by one of the big guns of the Rhone Valley, Perrin. It’s a classic southern Rhone blend of grapes including the spicy Syrah and the juicy Grenache. All black fruits, pepper and spice in a bottle that looks twice the price, this is a shoo-in for Easter weekend.


  • Lesley
    4 years ago

    The Pinot Noir Gin is cheaper from The Drink Shop- £33.99 plus £4.99 delivery- it’s a tenner delivery from Chapel Down- can’t wsit to try it!!

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Oh that is excellent work, Lesley! Thank you for sharing x

  • 4 years ago

    Recommending rhubarb gin and ginger ale- HIGHLY. Really, you’ll never look back.

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Oh that IS a good idea!

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