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Mother’s Day soon and to celebrate I’ve got some prizes I’m hoping might appeal to anyone who’s either knackered, a mother or both. First up, sleep. Sadly not a week’s uninterrupted sleep in a kingsize bed but I do have a box of Spacemasks (thank you, Harriet) and they’re basically the next best thing. Next, wine. Obviously. One of my favourite wine retailers, M&S, has kindly donated a case of their Coteaux Varois en Provence Rosé (gorgeous!) worth £54 to the cause. And finally, a new handbag because as we all know happiness is a new handbag. This one’s a three-in-one with a smaller cross-body bag inside the big tote and a small zip purse inside that. You can pick whichever colour you prefer – pink, silver or yellow, see above – and my friend Sam from Pineapple Barn (check out her site for plenty more inspired gifts) will send it to you. For a chance to win all three prizes, leave a comment on the KMWC blog and a winner will be picked next week. Full T&Cs below. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only. Must be over 18 years old to enter. Competition closes on 25th March 2019 at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and prizes will be posted to the winner after that date.

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  1. Clare Dudley

    I would love to win the fab prizes! Fingers crossed!

  2. Fantastic prize would be a lovely treat for Mother’s Day 🤞 recently did a talk on the KMWC book at my wine circle. So useful and easy to read.

  3. Wonderful prizes for all knackered ladies !!

  4. Charlotte Russell

    Pick me! Pick me! Rose season is almost upon so it would have to be a pink bag!

  5. Jennifer Palmer

    Ooh I would love this prize!!

  6. Penny Arton

    Looks like my kind of bag the pink one and should hold a bottle or two

  7. I would love any of these prizes..! Especially the wine of course 😃 👍🏼

  8. Ooh lovely lovely my fantasies all in one foul swoop wine and handbags. I’m drooling 😊

  9. Fantastic bunch of prizes!

  10. Fab prize. Would be able to get a few bottles in these bags!

  11. Tricia Adie

    Oh yes, one of the bags would be perfect for taking a bottle, or 2, of Pinot Gris home from Aldi. I often refer to KMWC for ideas when shopping.

    • This post’s wines sound amazing!!! Popping off to the shops to buy them now! Going to the Birmingham wine weekend so won’t get chance to drink them for a few days. Should be well chilled by then. Thanks for the heads up. 👍🏻🍷🥂🍾

  12. From one knackered mother to another….yes please! What a fabulous prize 🥂😊

  13. Ooh, sleep, wine and a new bag! Would love to win this please!

  14. All ,or any,prizes would be useful this weekend. Going away with my friends from Uni – 20+yrs of friendship. Not got together in 18 months so wine and catching up the order of the day plus who doesn’t need a bag in a bag in a bag….in sunshine yellow obvs!

  15. You are always a star in my internet feed. And thrilled to have picked up that pinot gris in Aldi yesterday (high-fives self)!!!

  16. Rachel Quinn

    Amazing prize!

  17. Definitely a knackered mother here who bonds with other knackered mother’s via wine. Thanks for the ace recommendations.

  18. Chiara Wilson

    Love that you replyvwhen asked a question! Love that the wine choices are reasonable. Love the stories…..

  19. Loving your work anxd the bags look awesome x

  20. Love your work x

  21. Rachael Pardon

    Pick me!!!pick me!!
    Love to win fab selection of prizes. A real treat

  22. I’d love to win 🙂

  23. Would love the sunshine yellow bag to detract from the purple bags under my eyes 👀 👜👜
    Definitely in the knackered part of the club with an ill 4 month and 3 year old!!

  24. I’ve just turned 50 ! I deserve a prize !! 😁

  25. Me, me i’d love to win one of these, *waves arm around frantically

  26. Ooooh la la, yes please ❤️ & your competition ends on my birthday! I would be over the moon with any of those lovely prizes 🌝 xxx

  27. I am very much a knackered mother right now, this looks like the perfect prize to perk me up! 🍷

  28. I’ve just had a baby and also have a 3 year old, i’m knackered and seriously in need of these goodies!

  29. Wine, sleep and a handbag (or 3). My sleep deprived mind and body needs nothing more. I’d love to win.

  30. Claire Snape

    Such lovely prizes! Fingers crossed.

  31. All of these bags are gorgeous and Provence is my home-girl 😍

  32. Perfect fir Mother’s Day 🤗

  33. All I can say is please please and please…

  34. My weary eyes are in need of a replenishing space mask 🙂

  35. Daria Loginova-Edwards

    Oh how lovely!

  36. Gemma Kettle

    That’s a bag I’d be pleased to put over my head to hide the knackered face!

  37. I would ❤️ to win…

  38. Catherine Bowes

    Great prizes, what knackered mother wouldn’t want them!

  39. I can hand on heart say I am a knackered mother….my saving grace is that glass at the end of the day. Thanks Helen for the recommendations….superb competition and loving that yellow bag!! Spring is on its way with that and wine in. X

  40. My knackered daughter would LOVE 💗 to share these fab gifts with her mumma….🍷

  41. I would love 💕 to win

  42. Such a lovely prize for Mother’s Day! Those bags are to die for, face masks percect for chilling and Rosé to bring in the summer!

  43. Demelza Thompson

    Oooh, I would love to win a one for my mum for Mothers Day! Yes please! Cheers! 🍷🎁💼

  44. Kerri miller

    Wine and handbags what more could a tired overworked mum need?! 🙌🏻

  45. Melissa thomas

    A knackered mother’s heaven!! Wine, space mask and a new bag to keep it in 🤪

  46. Alex Golding

    Amazing prizes! Would love to win and share with friends 😊

  47. Love the 3 in 1 tote in canary yellow.

  48. Jennifer Rea

    Been a permanently knackered mum for 13 years +. Would love some glam in my life! Bags and wine..perfection! 😁

  49. Ooh hello! You like wine too?! Marvellous! 🤪
    my sister has just sent me in your direction, she IS a knackered mother wine lover and she should do win your lovely prize !

  50. Me please!! I’ve barely slept since 2015 and I still haven’t got around to having a night out this year so a case of wine at home would come in handy 😉 Plus I’ve been eyeing up this bag all week…

  51. Rachel Clift

    Ooh what a fab prize, I’d love to win!

  52. Fab, sleep, wine and bags, my idea of heaven. 😊

  53. Clare Thorpe

    Great prizes! Hoping I’m a winner 😁🍷

  54. Alison Craven

    I’m a knackered grandmother ( and knackered mother too )
    Hope this counts to be picked.
    Love the blog. Am off to Aldi later for that Pinot Gris.

  55. Yes please, I would love to win a prize, I’m a knackered grandmother but my love of wine, sleep and handbags is undiminished.

  56. Joyce Scully

    If I were to bag this prize, I would at least feel a tad less knackered.

  57. Lesley Lewis

    Wine sleep& handbags, dream come true for this very sleep deprived ( but very lucky indeed!😊)mummy of 7!

  58. Love your wine recommendations. Will be buying the Pinot Gris today ! Always find your blog amusing!

  59. Janet Readings

    Yummy!! Pink bag, pink wine – are the space masks pink?

  60. Carl Mitchell

    I’d love to win this for my partner who as step-mummy gets all the grief but none of the recognition of being a mother

  61. Alison Howell

    I would love this 💖💖

  62. Alison Howell

    I would love the handbag & wine, a good way to start spring

  63. James Griffiths

    Knackered father here, and wine lover too, obvs. Would love to win the bag for my amazeballs knackered wife, and the spacemasks for a few minutes rest from the kids. Might even try it myself – the eyemask that is, not the bag….

  64. Hi Helen, would love to win a prize for Judy! Mx

    • I love coming on your blog to find wine when I want something different to the usual pinot grigio! Plus it’s so handy how you can choose depending on which shop you are in. Also, I love bags and sleep and wine obviously!

  65. kim chapman

    You can wear the spacemasks whilst drinking the wine for a blind tasting experience = marvellous!

  66. Summers coming so I would love some rose plus it’s my birthday today so I am hoping my luck is in!!! 🤞

  67. Definitely tired, definitely a mum and definitely interested in a prize including wine!

  68. I can face bagging the wine! $ 😉

    Lucy x

  69. Thank you for great review and for a fab competition

  70. 😍 the bags and the space masks are amazing + wine = fantabulous prize!!! Xxxx

  71. Davina Mellon

    The perfect prize for a knackered mum like me!

  72. What a fabulous prize and perfect for any knackered mother (is there any other kind?!)

  73. My goodness, those bags are _beautiful_… *gazes sadly at 30-year-old messenger bag with disintegrating lining*. Please add me to the list! Also the pink not-prosecco sounds _lush_.

  74. Rachel Bailey Palumbo

    Firstly Spacemasks are amazing
    Secondly drinking rose wine & pretending summer is around the corner is amazing
    Thirdly a bag that can clearly carry a bottle of wine is amazing
    Fourthly (embrace my new word) your blog is amazing

  75. This would be absolutely amazing for my birthday, me and the girls would have a wonderful pamper evening. Good luck all

  76. kirsty scott

    perfect mothers day gifts

    fingers crossed

  77. Jackie Waghorn

    I would love the wine because, as a knackered middle aged mother, I already more than enough bags across my body and can sleep for England!

  78. I would love to win the prizes, my son is away on a ski trip on Mothers Day so I am painting the lounge but also planning some time to celebrate being a Mum with a bottle of San Leo Rosato!

  79. Perfect prize for a knackered old bag lady!

  80. Fab prizes! From a fab blog x

  81. A knackered mother here who’d lOvE to win these amazing prizes 🤞🏻❤️😘

  82. A knackered mother here who’d love to win these amazing prizes Xx

  83. A knackered me on a Sunday morning has just discovered your blog. Genius. Wish I had found it last night when the wine ran out!

  84. Carole Hazlehurst

    I SO need a pink bag, but with 2 boys, I’m only likely to get flowers.. But I love them any way xx

  85. Recipe for the perfect Mother’s Day – wine, mask and the most gorgeous and colourful bag to brighten my world! Thanks for the chance

  86. You’re one of the very few blogs I’ve never unsubscribed from as you often make me laugh out loud – please keep up entertaining us knackered mums!

    I’d love one of these bags – the gorgeous colours would be a great way to divert anyone from having to look at my tired old face 🙂

  87. Love the blog! Fingers crossed for a prize xx

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