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One of the best bits about being in a TV studio is you never know who you might see. I did a wine tasting on This Morning earlier this week and saw the back of Jason Donovan’s head and the woman from Tenko. And Phil & Holly of course (she really does smell like unicorns). Anyway, I was there to taste chilled red wines now that it’s finally a Thing. Not all reds benefit from being chilled but some grapes, on a hot day, taste much better after an hour in the fridge. No more mind, you don’t want them fridge cold. Just nicely chilled. As you will be with either of this week’s reds in hand.

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Current red in the fridge: Valpolicella Valpantena

Price: £7.00 - Buy From M&S

This is Italy’s answer to Beaujolais, a juicy, fragrant red that’s not too heavy on the tannins, long on fruit and freshness and very, very drinkable. Or smashable as someone much younger than me might say. Made from a blend of three grapes from the Veneto in northern Italy, it’s one of the reds that works even better on a hot day when slightly chilled. Stick it in the fridge for up to an hour before drinking. Bonus points if your pizzas are homemade.

Current red in the rack: Da Vida

Price: £8.00 - Buy From Co-op

Gorgeous looking red from Spain, this is made with no added sulphur. Meaning that the winemaker hasn’t topped it up with a dose of sulphur to keep it fresh (most wines are topped up with a little sulphur at least). Made from the Garnacha grape, it’s really bright and juicy with black fruits and lots of (upper) cheek-sucking acidity. Snap it up.

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