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So, sun’s out. And that means one thing. Well, two things. The first involves half a tube of St. Tropez Medium Dark Body Lotion. The second is rosé. Perfectly chilled, condensation on glass rosé. I mean, I know by the end of the summer I’ll be over it. But it’ll be temporary. Because when the sun’s out, rosé is the answer. This week’s wine recommendations include a couple for the ice bucket. Different styles, different prices. Both delicious. Go.

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Current rosé in the fridge: Calvet Carcassonne Rosé

Price: £6.00 - Buy From Co-op

A bit brighter in colour than Provence rosé, this comes from the nearby Languedoc region. It’s a simple take on the style but ticks the essential boxes (crisp, clean, refreshing) with some lovely light strawberry fruit flavours and a twist of citrus. At this price, I’m not looking for a long-term relationship. Enjoy it while it lasts.

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Current rose in the fridge: Côtes de Provence Sainte Victoire

Price: £14.00 - Buy From Co-op

Can you remember life before Provence rosé? Me neither. Pale and refreshing, it’s pretty much the perfect thing to have in your glass on a warm summer evening. This one comes from a sub-region within the Cotes de Provence called Saint Victoire where a touch of altitude gives some of the wines a cool, crisp edge over some of their neighbours. Slicker that your average.

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  • Sarah
    4 years ago

    Any suggestions for rose cocktails?

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Yes! I do…recipe pinched from a winemaker friend, Gavin Quinney at Chateau Bauduc in Bordeaux. This makes up enough for 8 so just take quantities down if needed:

      Pour a bottle of rose into a jug with 50ml vodka, 25cl cranberry juice, juice of half a lime, a dash of lime cordial if you have any and chill in the fridge for half an hour. When ready to serve, add a handful of ice to tall glasses and pour in to half full. Top up with ginger ale and add a sprig of mint and a wedge of lime, squeezing it before you pop it into the glass. Voila! x

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