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Last week I hosted a wine tasting with a group of wine-loving women organised by clothing brand Hush. Now, if there were such a thing as a spirit clothing brand, Hush would be mine. I remember when they sold nothing but thick socks and the softest loungewear long before any of us realised we’d be living in those bad boy joggers one day. Anyway the evening was a joy, full of good wine and chat. I’ve written this blog post for their website on finding the good stuff, wine-wise, for under £10. Just don’t blame me if you get sidetracked by the Hush sale.

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Current white in the fridge: Exquisite Lyme Block Bacchus

Price: £9.99 - Buy From Aldi

Made for Aldi by the Devon-based Lyme Bay winery, this is one of the best value English white wines around at the moment. The Bacchus grape is a bit similar to Sauvignon – aromatic, fresh, citrusy. But it’s also got more a whiff of orchard fruit about it and feels quintessentially English. If it’s your first time with Bacchus, this is a great way to start.

Current rose in the fridge: Reserve de Boulas Rosé

Price: £9.50 - Buy From M&S

This is a slight more punchy take on rosé than we’re perhaps used to but the Rhone Valley doesn’t really do pale and interesting. It does bright, juicy wines full of fruit and character. This one is gorgeous, all redcurrent fruits with a twist of citrus. Makes for a properly refreshing change.

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