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I did it! And I loved every single minute of my first Saturday Kitchen Live experience. OK so I wasn’t mad about the coral lipstick and the camera definitely adds at least 10lbs but I got to eat unbelievably good food and drink wine at 10am on a Saturday morning. With Jason Donovan! Makes a change from watching it whilst tackling the ironing pile in my dressing gown. I’ve included a couple of the wines I picked for the show in this week’s recommendations. And I’m really thrilled to tell you I’ve been asked back to do some more. I’ll keep you posted.

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Current white in the fridge: Albarino Martin Codax

Price: £9.99 - Buy From Majestic

Gorgeous bright white from the northwestern corner of Spain, this is made from the Albarino grape and is absolutely made to go with fish. Think of it as a squeeze of lemon over the top. There’s a bucket of citrus fruit along with a touch of peach and apricot. Featured on last week’s Saturday Kitchen by, well, me.

Current sticky in the fridge: Campbell’s Rutherglen Muscat

Price: £12.99 - Buy From Waitrose

Australia’s most famous sticky, this is a sweet fortified Muscat and has to be tasted to be believed. Made from super-ripe grapes, the wine is then fortified with a little grape spirit to add oomph. Rich, sweet and unctuous, it’s gorgeous sipped with a sweet fruit pudding. Or in its own in the bath, of course.


  • Peter
    4 years ago

    Knew you’d smash it!

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Ah, thank you Peter!

  • Daphne
    4 years ago

    Fantastic news! What fun and well done, Love D

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Thanks Daphne! x

  • Leonie
    4 years ago

    It was such a treat to turn on the tv & see your sunshiny self on my screen last weekend! Well done you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥂😁😘

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Ah, thank you! So pleased you watched! x

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