Not Normal, People

It appears lockdown has changed me. First, there was the baking. So. Much. Banana. Bread. Then there was the Pilates. It used to be a once a week habit but I’ve been doing it almost every morning before home-schooling starts. Which is probably a good thing because a) all that banana bread and b) my wine and crisp intake is *slightly* up on the norm. Then there’s the watching telly-in-bed thing. Never used to do it; currently mainlining The Morning Show, an episode every night. We’re always tempted to do another on the trot but it’s like that second bottle of wine. Good idea at the time but it just puts you to sleep. Anyway, this week’s recommendations were both featured on Saturday Kitchen at the weekend (by me!) and includes a peachy white and a cocktail staple. Bottoms up (tummy in).

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  1. Hi Helen. I was thrilled when you commented on Viognier. That is the wine I have been buying for years (when it’s on offer) 🤣 the best. I was given several bottles of Chateauneuf du Pape for my special birthday in January and would love to know which is your favourite x

    • Helen McGinn

      Yes, it’s a bargain when it’s on offer, sadly I just missed one..

      Who’s made your birthday CdP wines? What’s the name of the producer?

      Happy Belated Birthday, too! x

  2. Esther Miller

    Oooh! That viognier sounds delicious…. Will put it on the shopping list for next time we’re near a Waitrose.

  3. James Hailey

    Hi Helen,

    Great page. Hopefully this random comment wins me that case of Aussie wine !


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