On the fringe…

I love putting pretty hairclips in my daughter’s hair, sweeping her long fringe to one side and sweeping the enforced-genderism-at-such-a-tender-age argument to the other. It’s a hairclip, FFS. Anyway, point is with two boys I’d only really considered childrens’ haircuts in terms of nit prevention. Not so with the baby girl: she has lovely hair, long enough to need aforementioned hairclips to keep it out of her eyes. At least it was until – unsolicited – my mother cut it, understandably thinking she was being helpful. Whilst waiting for it to grow back, I could dig out my old Girl’s World styling head if I get desperate. If only I hadn’t given her an unsolicited haircut too.

Current white in the fridge:
Stork’s Tower Sauvignon Blanc/Verdejo 2008, £5.99, Tesco
Spain does aged red wines and young, vibrant rose wines better than most. However, really good Spanish whites are a bit harder to find. Here’s one that mixes a traditional Spanish variety (Verdejo) with an internationally known & grown one (Sauvignon Blanc). In fact, the wine has been made by a Spanish and New Zealand winemaking team from grapes grown in the Castilla Y Leon region. It is a modern, fresh take on Spanish white with gorgeous grapefruit characters and lovely, balanced weight. This wine doesn’t demand food but is very happy in its company, especially my pesto salmon it seems. 

Current red on the side:
Sainsbury’s Cotes du Rhone Villages 2007, £5.99, Sainsbury’s
It was one of the Sainsbury’s wine buyers who put me on to this wine. It is made by Chapoutier, who just happens to be one of the best producers in the region. Michel Chapoutier selects Grenache and Syrah grapes from Villages vineyards in the Southern Rhone and makes this extremely good, soft, supple, velvety-tannined and utterly seductive wine. It has a kick of pepper and layers of black fruit flavours, ideal for drinking with sausages or beef stews or hard cheeses. It’s not so great with Toblerone but I’ll push on through.

Chin chin x

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  1. Your mother cut your daughter's hair unasked? You seem to be taking that quite well. I would have been pretty put out. My mother used to try to 'help' me garden by razing my roses to the ground, even after she had been told to leave everything ALONE. After she massacred the garden twice I had to rescind her key privileges and not let her outside unaccompanied so perhaps I'm slightly oversensitive.. 😉

  2. I gave my fringe an 'unsolicited' trim when I was about 5…it ended up really short after my mother's hairdresser straightened it out for me!
    That Verdejo/SB sounds lovely…will have to get the brother to check it out.

  3. Mothership, believe me I had to rein it in. Keep telling myself IT WILL GROW BACK. She's called Granny La La for a reason, never a dull moment! Perhaps I'll let her loose on the garden if she promises to not cut the baby's hair again x ps – I love your blog.

    Vinogirl – just saw a friend of mine this morning whose 6yo son gave her 3yo daughter a grade 1 haircut with the fathers clippers. She looks amazing a few weeks on, like a little pixie! Glad your bro is doing the pre-tasting for you x

  4. I'm drafting a post on the boy boy girl dynamic. My daughter took over story time a few evenings ago, as follows: 'The monkey and the mouse go to the castle, play in the flowers and then die.' She's two and a half. I'm just getting the hair clip thing but I'm very dangerous around dresses….xxx

  5. That's just the sort of thing my Mum would do thinking she was 'helping'!! Like when she bought my 14 year old son a beer on holiday (argh!). I need you today, am off in search of a good rose (sorry, I can't find the actue accent on this silly mac) in your back catalogue. Ooh that sounded a bit rude

  6. BW – look forward to reading your boy boy girl post x

    EM – did you find what you were looking for in my back catalogue?! Can I still help now? Tweet if so x

  7. My mother-in-law did that to my baby girl and left her looking like Friar Tuck. I still have not forgiven her (stomps foot).

  8. I remember cutting my then 7 year old daughter's fringe while watching the telly…result? A seven year old who looked like Dave Hill from Slade…What made it worse was the howl of disbelief when she caught sight of herself in the mirror! We laugh now….!

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