A friend told me today that she is on a new regime, wine-free Monday to Friday (same friend who thought this site was called the Naked Mother’s Wine Club, told her to be careful when searching that one). Later, a Twitter humour-twin announced she was having a glass of Champagne tonight for no particular reason. In turn, I admire both the restraint and sybaritic tendancies shown here. Me, I go for just one wine-free night a week. I usually fail. So many wines, so little time. A chap called Hawker wrote a book called ‘Chats About Wine’ back in 1907 and asked:

“…what is it? This wonderful elixir of life, which is almost as old as the world itself and yet is overflowing with the exuberance of youth; which restores and invigorates us when the powers of life are low; uplifts and cheers us in days of sorrow and gloom; evokes and enhances our joys and pleasures; and by which the inherent living force it is endowed with, gives animation, energy and inspiration to every sense and faculty we possess?”

That’s wine, that is. And it is (mostly) delicious. You’ve just got to choose wisely.

Current white in the fridge:
Tilimuqui Fairtrade Single Vineyard Torrontes, Mendoza, 2009 £6.69, Waitrose
I love Argentinian wines, not least for their unpredictability. The reds are really exciting, especially Malbec but more of that another time. One of their most widely planted white grape varieties is Torrontes. It is often described as floral – very this season – and grapey, which sounds like a bit of a no-brainer. But this wine is more exciting than floral and grapey. It has real zing, not the suck-in-your-cheeks type, rather the oh-I’d-love-another-glass-of-this type zing. It is also Fairtrade, organic and extremely good value for money. What’s not to love? as they say too often in Grazia.    

Current red on the side:
Chateau Vaugelas Corbieres 2007, France, £8, Source
The South of France has long produced vast amounts of wine but in some regions, such as Corbieres, there has been a quiet quality revolution. Granted its Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) status in 1985, Corbieres is now populated with growers producing brilliant wines. This one is a blend of Grenache, Syrah, Carignan and a splash of Mourvedre, all grapes so at home here. The result is a blend that is rich, dark and brooding. The Benicio Del Toro of wine perhaps. Would work better if he was French, obviously. He asked my husband for a light once, incidentally. Black fruits and a really lovely spicy note, properly great with my tomato-sauced pasta supper. 

Nuff said x

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  1. But does your friend, who doesn't drink during the week, then consume 15 bottles on the weekend?

  2. I tried the no wine Mon – Fri this week but had to have a sneaky one to get me through the football last night. Oh and I tried the Tesco Fiano on your recommendation and very nice it was too!

  3. I love the sound of the friend drinking champagne just because! I'm not sure how any parent manages a Monday – Friday wine free period?? Unless you are allowed gin instead.

  4. I don't think I've had a wine-free day since I was pregnant……oh, wait, sometimes we have cider. Do you ever write about cider (the good stuff, not the stuff tramps drink?)

  5. Firstly I love a woman who can increase my vocabulary …..sybaritic…love it!

    Plus I hope that Nappy Valley Lady is telling the truth (makes me feel so much better). I've been on cider shandies lately (also not the stuff tramps drink) do they count? Isn't it just apple juice with fizz?

  6. MMMC – exactly! Everything in moderation, I say (mostly).

    MDM – so pleased you liked the Fiano, so summery isn't it? Delicious.

    Cuddledry – ahhhh, Gin. Mother's Ruin/Helper, depending how much you have.

    NVG – funny you should ask about Cider, will be writing one up this week…

    Troutie – Apple juice + fizz + alcohol! Essential element x

  7. I will never say no to wine!

  8. Just had to come over and visit you after your lovely visit to mine… will DEFINITELY be back… and you may be able to answer a life long question of mine. (well, since I 'started drinking wine' sort of life long question!)… I get these wretched headaches from drinking wine, which is horrible as I love the stuff. I don't throw it back like the old days but have become really really REALLY cautious about drinking it. So… do you know about the stuff they put into wine on top of the obvious grapes etc?? Just wondering about the extras that might be triggering these headaches. Sorry to arrive at your place and PESTER. But you just might know the answer. xx

  9. Oh dear… that last comment was mine but has put in my niece's name by mistake!! Will leave this one, in the hope that it is in MY name. If not, I'm Ladybird World Mother. Technology is just SO not my game. xx

  10. A woman after my own heart. No to wine? Never! Love your blog.

  11. LWM – welcome! I had planned to do a post on wine and headaches (and not the ones caused by excess). Is it red or white wine that kicks off your headaches? How soon after drinking do you get them? Tell me more…

    MCM – thank you x

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