What's the big deal?

I had to work last Saturday at a wine fair, leaving bearded husband with the three children from 8 in the morning until 8 at night. When I got home, the children were all in bed, the (ready made) fish pie was in the oven and the house surprisingly tidy. There was even a glass of wine with my name on it. I asked how their day was, how everyone had been. Oh, fine. No problems. Lovely. And then the shrug of the shoulders. That ‘I-don’t-know-what-all-the-fuss-is-about’ shrug of the shoulders. AKA the ‘looking-after-children-all-day-lark-is-a-walk-in-the-park’ shrug of the shoulders. Which I suppose it is when you don’t include two loads of washing and a supermarket shop… 

This week’s white in the fridge: Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc 2009, £6.40, currently 25% off, Waitrose

So it seems everyone knew about this one being on offer before me. Actually, I hadn’t bought this wine for a very long time as there are so many other good NZ Sauvignons to try but suddenly, with a couple of quid off, it is hard to resist. Loaded with classic Marlborough region gooseberry aromas and passion fruit flavours, this is what I’d call a malleable wine. Without food or with light stir fries, it won’t complain. It will just sit politely in your glass and zing when asked.

Current red on the side: Tim Adams Protege Shiraz 2007, £7.50, currently 25% off, Tesco

I tasted this wine last Saturday at the wine fair and it was one of the best red wines at the show. Fantastic at the price, this is a really grown-up Shiraz, surprising given it’s name. Made from grapes grown in the Clare Valley in South Australia, this has classic black fruit and plum characters, together with a gorgeous peppery note. Tim Adams is a great winemaker, a gentle giant of a man (a bit like his wines). Put this with food to really make it work, steak rather than sushi, obv.

Cheers, darlings x

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  1. Sorry – I forgot to say that I was referring to Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc. Overexcited, me?

  2. At last! A wine I can claim to have actually drunk! Suddenly I feel all sophisticated and up to date, since I can agree with you; this wine is incredibly good value for money (especially when they're having one of their frequent money-off promos). I always stock up on it when I can – which sadly, is not that often now we're in Moscow…

  3. Potty! Glad you can relate…I've always assumed you are terribly sophisticated. I mean, you live in Russia. That's SO grown up x

  4. Ray O Connor

    I don't know how your husband did it. I had to take Monday off to mind our 1 year old as the wife was sick in bed. Crikey Mikey, I was completely wrecked trying to keep up with the little fella and make sure he was eating the right stuff at the right time. He didn't fall for any of my "Daddy's just gonna have a little lie down" tricks either. Don't rule out the chances that your hubbie doped the kids!

  5. Ray – See how very marvellous we are? x

  6. Ray O Connor

    Ah sure where would we be without yiz all!

  7. Like the new look blog!

    I am a fan of Oyster Bay too – great minds think alike, Potty Mummy! I can buy it in my local wine shop here and particularly enjoy taking it to occasions with Americans – they are still suspicious of screwtops here but are then surprised at how good it is.

  8. NVG – why, thank you. Funny how screwcaps are still viewed with suspicion there. Here, we're just grateful not to have to find the ruddy corkscrew. New Zealand winemakers championed screwcaps in the first place, about 10 years ago as a co-ordinated effort. Keeps the wine fresh and cork-taint free. Works for me x

  9. Ooh…you've gone over to the darkside – WordPress!!! I do love your little stick-people-scribble-thingy though.
    I also have actually had Oyster bay SB…we should all start an organisation!

  10. I know, still not convinced about WordPress but loving having my own domain name and my own personal scribble (done by bearded husband). Little things, eh? How's the vintage going? And well done on your diploma!

  11. The bearded one is a tad talented, no?
    Agh…vintage is slow… but that's what makes vintages different. Farming…pish!
    Stay tuned 🙂

  12. What a good boy.. I'm going away for 2 nights in 2 weeks time leaving husband with all 3 children for the first time ever… he is SO not worried.. I on the other hand am already having sleepless nights..

    BM x

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