Heroines, I’ve had a few: Nightingale (Florence & Annie), Nigella and any number of Jilly Cooper characters included (the ones who weren’t obviously pretty but then became ravishing once drenched in Diorissimo and tight on thunderous G&Ts). Another heroine is Jancis Robinson MW (Master of Wine), a walking wine authority. Jancis started Wine Relief in 1999 and has helped raise nearly £4 million for Comic Relief through wine sales and other wine-related tomfoolery since then. If you buy one of these wines in March, 10% will go to Comic Relief. A very good reason to get a red nose, in fact. Here are some of her favourites from the 80-strong line-up (there’s a * next to the ones I’ve tried and loved):

Brown Brothers Dry Muscat 2008 South Eastern Australia £5.60 Booths*
Les Arbousiers Rosé 2009 Coteaux de Languedoc £7.49 Virgin Wines
Nosio, Forte Alto Pinot Grigio 2010 IGT Vigneti delle Dolomiti £7.99 Waitrose*
Grande Réserve de Gassac Rouge 2009 Vin de Pays de l’Hérault £7.99 Laithwaites
Villa Lanata, Lo Zoccolaio, Suculé 2007 Barbera d’Alba £9.99 Majestic*
Newton Johnson Pinot Noir 2008 Elgin £16.99 M&S*
Guado al Tasso, Il Bruciato 2007 Bolgheri £18.99 Wine Rack

Chin chin x

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  1. Oi McGinn, you are sooooo my wine heroine! Or is that wine is sooooo my heroin? big smooches x

    ps. please will someone give this woman a column

  2. Oh now I will have to buy some wine, to give as a gift of course. Thansk for these x

  3. I love Jancis, and a good cause!

  4. Oi Niki – big smooch back x

    March17th – just found you back! Thank you..pleasure.

    Vinogirl – I know! Much better wines than in previous years…

  5. what a brilliant reason to buy wine. thanks for tips

  6. Gemma – thank you, glad to be of service x

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