Fancy Dress parties and me do not have a happy history. There was the time Bearded Husband decided we should go as Derek & Clive to a New Year’s Eve party. As other girls glowed in beautiful dresses, I sweated profusely in a Mac, flat cap and men’s shoes. I even had a ham sandwich wrapped in foil in my pocket, I kid you not. Last Saturday night we went to a 40th with a strict 1970 dress code. Determined to learn from experience, I went in a fairly inoffensive lime green (oxymoron?) dress accessorised with my own boots and fake fur coat and told people that I was my mum. In stark contrast, the birthday boy wore all-in-one spandex with cut-out chest bought online from America (he’s still on the mailing list). There was a Spacehopper (girl), Scooby Doo (boy) and lots of Village People (all male). As we get older, the aim is clearly to out-ridiculous each other when it comes to donning a costume. Next time, I’m going back to the flat cap and ham sandwich.

Current white in the fridge: Waitrose Chablis 2010, £7.86 on offer, Waitrose
Waitrose has been running 25% off lots of their wines as part of their Wine Showcase (better name next time)? It ends tomorrow. I realise this isn’t helpful to you now but I do write about whatever I happen to be drinking at the time of writing and this is it. Apologies. Anyway, if you like Chardonnay but don’t like oaky flavours, this wine will make you happy. Chablis is a region pretty far north, so the climate is cooler than most others in France. Combined with unique soils (best bits are full of marine fossils), the region makes crisp, dry whites characterised by what is often referred to as a ‘steeliness’. I prefer ‘edgy and slightly uptight’. The SJP of white wines. I drank mine very cold, without food. Put it with seafood or roast chicken for better results. 

Current red on the side: Artesano de Argento Malbec 2010, £4.74 on offer, Tesco
This too is currently on offer, but I don’t think it finishes tomorrow, so not quite as unhelpful as the one above. Anyway, this Argentine beast made from Malbec grapes grown in vineyards across the Mendoza region is as supple as spandex. The grapes are selected from different vineyards, altitudes and microclimates to make a more interesting wine. But, whatever they tell you on the label, the proof is in the glass and this wine is a definite step up from the cheaper Argento range made by the same people. More weight, flavour and mmmmmm. You know what I mean. This one does need food; simple ragu with grated cheese did it for me. 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. That's an amazing price for a Chablis – thanks for the tip. I have fun with trendy types ( like my dear daughter) who professes to be bored with unfashionable 'Chardonnay', by giving them a Chablis (when I can afford to). Always goes down a treat!

  2. I think our worst choice for a fancy dress party was when the theme was Hollywood. We hired costumes with another couple who were dressed as Mickey and Minnie Mouse: we were Donald and Daisy Duck with huge backsides. All the other women looked so glamorous. Dougie, my husband, won the prize for Best Legs!

  3. I prefer flinty 😉 and chilled to an within an inch of its life.

    I had a Devil's Cellar Chilean Malbec at the weekend, had its act together very nicely.

    Thanks for the recommendations – just in time for the weekend.

    TTFN KM.

  4. EM – hurry with that Chablis, think offer ends today! My mum does the same…'I don't like Chardonnay…'

    Trish – ha ha! Love it…at least Donald Duck won a prize!

    Adam – flinty. Very good. Devil's Cellar sounds good, will have to look it up. Lovely to hear from you x

  5. Did you see my husband? He was there dressed as Citizen Smith.. how funny! I'm going to look at the photos again to see if I can spot you. I was at home in front of X Factor babysitting.

    BM x

  6. I was going to comment on where the photo of you in your lime green get up was, then I saw the word Chablis………

  7. BM – I did! But didn't know that was who he was, I mean as is was obvious he was Citizen Smith! x

    VB – no photos! And yes…Chablis…ice-cold…I'm gone.

  8. Our harvest party at work is supposed to be fancy dress, or a 'costume party' as the Yanks call it…I'm just not doing it, never have, never will!

  9. Vinogirl – that's the spirit!

  10. I do sound like a bit of a party-pooper, don't I?

  11. Hahahaha. I would love to have you as a party guest. I always tend to get hungry around midnight – I'd just have to beg you a little for a bite of your sandwich.

  12. MM – I'd give you half x

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