Perhaps it is the influence of London Fashion Week but this weekend I became absolutely sure that a pair of bright pink jeans from Zara would complete my life. Tonight it is the turn of a pair of wide-legged sailor trousers from Boden (I know, I know. I have resisted). What is it about fashion that can make a fairly normal person like me think that a pair of shoes or trousers will complete my wardrobe? Well, I think it is because most of the other stuff we do – motherhood, work, whatever – takes proper effort. Putting on a pair of bright pink jeans doesn’t. Doing them up, on the other hand…

Current white in the fridge: Les Andides 2010 Saumur, France, £7.99, Waitrose
Lovely, lovely Loire. This wine is from the Saumur region in the Loire Valley and is made from Chenin Blanc, a grape often overshadowed by the Loire’s more famous export, Sancerre (made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape).  Chenin Blanc can match Sauvignon for acidity but has a more apple-like character compared with the citrus & gooseberry-ness of Sauvignon. With age, Chenin Blanc can develop gorgeous honeyed characters too. A glass of this with fishcakes was a very good idea. 

Current red on the side: Castillo de Tafalla Merlot 2010, Spain, £5.99, Naked Wines
Nothing but bills seemed to drop through the letterbox last month so when a voucher from Naked Wines to buy a case of wine for £40 came through, Bearded Husband was all over it. He chose the case – winter warmers? something like that – and this was the one that came out of the rack yesterday to go with roast lamb. Made from Merlot grown in the Navarra region in Spain, this is an undemanding wine, bright and jolly. A bit like the jeans, except red rather than pink. 

Ab fab x

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  1. I dyed my hair pink a few weeks ago and it did rather complete my wardrobe for a bit. I went back to brown today as I started to feel a bit grubby with faded, pale pink hair.

  2. Go for it.. be proud in pink.. x

  3. Dr Uncle Bunny

    Mrs Uncle Bunny has told me I am not allowed a pair of pink trousers until I am 50. I suggested that I could dye my hair pink until then. She helpfully pointed out that no one would notice.

  4. Dr Uncle Bunny

    I think she meant I didn't have enough mop for the dye to stick to, hence no one would notice. The sort of joke that better halves can aim at their husbands in the knowledge that if he takes it personally she can always massage his ego with statistics about testosterone levels.

  5. I bought a beautiful dress yesterday. I'd spent the day working, then spent the pay in the blink of an eye. It will have to go back. Sigh. But it is gorgeous and it is mine. For the moment.

  6. Salty the Seadog

    We nautical types likes our gels in bellbottoms!
    Seriously, KM, can you please advise what are good quarter bottles for sale in supermarkets? Pepper gets her bowlines in a twist over the JP Shindig White – filthy stuff in my opinion – can I find something we can both enjoy instead of the usual pink gin during Lent?

    • Oh I do love a Tar. M&S is brilliant for 25cl (all lightweight plastic bottles nowadays) and has a good range of 50cl bottles too. Their French own label range is a step up from the Shindig. Hope that helps!

    • Salty the Seadog

      Thanks KM. I'll check out M&S when back from Trinidad – beautiful place for mooring on a pontoon!

  7. Are we living parallel lives? I have been obsessing about pink trou forever, but even a friend uttered the words…mutton dresses as lamb… when I mentioned them. However another friend turned up in a pair with grey blazer and made everyone else feel they'd worn the wrong thing…But I'm raving…see this is what happens when you are trying to cut down wine intake.

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