The Crying Game

Opening Ceremony? I cried. Lizzie Armitstead’s cycling Silver? Cried again. Rebecca Adlington’s 400m freestyle Bronze? More waterworks. Men’s team gymnastics? Equestrian team? FFS, that too. And then there’s the GB women’s football team…the whole thing is quite amazing. Best of all, it is happening here. Lordy, seems I have been possessed by the Olympic spirit. Just not enough to get me off the sofa.

Current white in the fridge: Tesco Simply Muscadet 2011, £3.33 on offer,
This was outrageously cheap when I bought it last week, because Tesco has been running a 25% off all wine & Champagne offer (ends tonight). But even at just under £5 at its usual price, it is properly great value. Muscadet is not the most exciting wine in the world, but it is a wonderful food wine, especially if you are having something as deliciously simple as an omelette (as I did last night). Made from the Melon de Bourgogne grape, this is from the Loire Valley in northern France. Don’t expect fireworks, just a really refreshing glass of crisp, dry white wine with a lemon twist. In which case, you wont be disappointed. Even my mother gave it the thumbs up.

Current red in the rack: Waitrose Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2009, Chile, £7.59 on offer, Waitrose
This one is made exclusively for Waitrose by one of my favourite Chilean producers, Vina Valdivieso, made from Cabernet grapes grown in the Maipo Valley, This is no shrinking violet, with big, bold, beautiful blackcurrant flavours. But if you buy a Chilean Cabernet, that’s probably what you are hoping for. It is also smooth as Tom Daley’s chest. Sorry, I have been looking. Wrong I know, but there you go. I blame the Olympic spirit. 

Chin chin x

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  1. I've just been to the Vendée region of France and saw a lot of muscadet wine. I didn't try any, and never have, but it sounds like nice, drinkable wine so I might pop along to Tesco.

    I did try some Vendeen wine – not great. The red was very vinegary 🙁

  2. Add in all the little montages of athletes personal stories and more waterworks. I am a blubbering fool here.

    Not sure I'll look at a bottle of Cab Sauv in the same again now I've read that description, he is but a boy…

  3. I hadn't blubbed until this morning, but my eyes were definitely welling up at Bradley Wiggins' gold. Especially when he was looking for his wife in the crowd – bless!

  4. At the risk of changing the subject somewhat (oh ok, entirely), I thought up a title for a blog post for you when I was having my daily glass of American Chardonnay last night (am too cowardly to deviate from American chardonnay, liking as I do a glass of something big-bodied and chilled come 7pm; if anyone has any other american wine recommendations, please can I have them?) Last night's glass was v deep yellow, and I thought – aha! Fifty Shades of White!
    You may use it for your book if you like. Because we all know that an end-of-day glass of wine is what what most Mummies really hanker after.

    • Now that is spooky, I had Fifty Shades of Chardonnay down as a potential post. Minus the hard limits, obviously. But you will of course get full credit. Nothing better than a booby Chardonnay. What you drinking? Anything I should try and recommend?

    • Great (and band-wagony) minds, etc. Not entirely sure either of us can claim any intellectual property credit…

      The very yellow chardonnay was a (runs to fridge…) Rodney Strong, Sonoma County, 2010. V nice, drinkable, buttery – but not hugely lingering (was about $14, so you're not eactly getting a vintage meursault here). Before that we had a 2010 Edna Valley from San Luis Opispo (between SF and LA) which was more interesting – but again, not fireworks, just good, drinkable, cheapish ($15 ish) chardonnay – nothing to feel bad about pouring over ice-cubes. V good summery drinks.

    • Love the sound of them both, put me right in the mood for a Monica Belluci of a Chardonnay. Am going to do that post next week…just as soon as I've finished reading this stupid book…(bites lip, rolls eyes, breath hitches).

  5. The opening ceremony was quite epic, I loved it!

  6. Am on hols in spain with the girls (my school friends) and we're all sobbing at the Olympics coverage, reading 50 shades (ok, 3 out of 6 of us are reading it) and knocking back the rose. Glad to know we're not alone.

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