Warning: Turning Up Ahead

Turning 40, that is. Yes, in a couple of weeks I will be passing that particular milestone with the music up and the windows down. I’m either absolutely fine about it or in complete denial. Not sure which. Whatever, here’s what I’ve learnt so far:

1. Face creams don’t make you look younger. They can make you look temporarily less tired perhaps, but not younger.

2. Apparently the best thing we can give our children is roots and wings. Sadly, not grey roots or bingo wings.

3. I don’t suit long dresses. When I put on a long dress, I look like an extra from Abigail’s Party.

4. Always read the book before seeing the film.

5. Knowing all the words to Chris de Burgh’s Borderline album is endlessly amusing (to me, anyway).

6. My mother and sister are still very definitely the funniest people I know.

7. Not knowing how to make a quiche hasn’t done me any harm. I’m yet to be asked to make an ’emergency quiche’.

8. Occasionally things just happen, but most of the time you have to make them happen (the Speakmans do this shit so much better than me).

9. There are not enough hours in the day to drink 8 glasses of water, FFS.

10. Life is best enjoyed with love, laughter and good books. And wine. Oh, and peanuts.

Current white in the fridge: Wither Hills Chardonnay 2010, £7.99 on offer, Waitrose
This wine has got a bit of oak on it…hold on! Come back! I know some of you Don’t Like Oak and some of you Don’t Like Chardonnay but this is a game-changer, really. This one is soft and almost cream-soda like, with a lovely gentle butteriness to it. The winemaker has used the great white wines of Burgundy as inspiration here (for that read elegant, but rich) and it really is good. It loved my bowl of smoky bacon crisps, but was even better with salmon fishcakes. 

Current red in the rack: Tesco Finest Mundulla Shiraz 2009, £8.99, Tesco
There’s only a tiny bit left on the bottle, the majority having been sipped over the weekend, first with chilli, then with roast lamb. Brilliant with both. Thing is, the wine itself has a kick of spice, along with an almost embarrassing amount of soft blackberry fruit so it really copes well with heat (of the spicy kind) in food. This is made in the Limestone Coast region, in South Australia and the soil (limestone, funnily enough) and cool climate are natural playmates for the Shiraz grape. 

Bring it x

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  1. Have passed that little milestone and it was quite harmless – even the wrinkles seem to look at home on my face now.
    I've always changed the rules on the 8 glasses of water thing – just go for 8 glasses of anything: tea, coffee, gin…

  2. It amazes me still when I hear the kids call me "mummy" (or "mommy", as they've now started to do…). How can I be a mother, when I've just left Uni and have my WHOLE LIFE ahead of me… Oh bugger. My 40th bday – in fact weeks before and after – were a blast. Loved it. An extended excuse to spend silly money on delicious booze. Mind you, having my (younger) husband tell all his (younger) friends recently that the first 50th will be mine was a bit sobering…

  3. Love love love the cover of your book but not sure I can be persuaded by an oaked Chardonnay…though I have been sneaking in the odd NZ/Oz wine recently!

    • Thanks so much! And the thing with oaked wine is that the styles have really changed over the last few years, more are making wines with subtle flavours, not chunky oak (if you know what I mean). Go back and try some….consider it homework!

  4. Love love love the cover of your book but not sure I can be persuaded by an oaked Chardonnay…though I have been sneaking in the odd NZ/Oz wine recently!

  5. Love it! Am there in less than two weeks. Am just trying to find the most appropriately inappropriate dress to wear. Have booze sewn up. I think. May have to run it past you!

  6. I turned 40 few weeks ago and it didn't bother me that much (not like my 30th whic was too traumatic). To add to your list – not caring about what people think of me.

  7. About three days before B's 40th (July, as it happens, 1972 was clearly a splendid vintage (except apparently it wasn't, which is why wine from then is so comparatively cheap, but I digress)), his brother (35) rang up and said:

    "So, this party, are there going to be any grown ups there?"

    I rest my case…

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