OK, so perhaps a tad overstated but I do intend to do more (or less) of the following in 2013:

1. Drink more wine from left-field places. I’m talking Romania, Croatia, Brazil, Mexico…I’ll report back on the good ones, obvs
2. Not drink any wine at least two days a week (I know, so worthy)
3. Only online shop on my wine-free nights (and not from Topshop anymore, too old)
4. Stop kidding myself that dark chocolate counts as health food

That’s enough to be getting on with, especially since the dark chocolate one is a biggie. So, New Year’s Eve looms and our evening will involve – excitingly – champagne and curry. To you *raises glass* and yours; wishing you a happy, healthy and wholly rewarding new year. And here’s hoping we manage to stay awake to see it in.

Current white in the fridge: Pouilly-Fumé ‘Les Cascadelles’ 2011, £8.99 if you buy 2 bottles, Majestic
This was one of the bottles we’ve collected over the last week, brought by a passing visitor. Not sure who, but if it was you, I am really sorry we didn’t open it when you were here. Actually, I’m not that sorry, because it is delicious and I’ve not had to share it. Made from the Sauvignon Blanc grape in the Loire Valley, wines from the Pouilly Fume region are similar to those of neighbouring Sancerre, with a trademark character often described as ‘gunflint’. I find ‘struck match’ a better description. Don’t often smell gunflint. Gorgeous, fresh gooseberry and lime flavours; properly crisp and refreshing. 

Current red in the rack: Domaine of the Bee 2010, £20, buy direct here
You might remember this one, I bought it last year for the Husband. And he loved it so much, this Christmas he got more from the newly released 2010 vintage. It is a HUGE red from Roussillon in the South of France, from vineyards near the town of Maury. It is a blend of Grenache and Carignan, aged in oak barrels for well over a year. Not for the feint-hearted, definitely needs food and best served on a cold winter’s night in generous-sized glasses so that the wine can breathe and open up in the glass as you drink it. Such a beautiful, brooding wine, positively radiating black fruits and spice. And even better, it is made by a friend of mine, a fellow ex-supermarket wine buyer. See here for a great description & pics of how they make it. Love that he’s gone on to actually make the stuff whereas I remain on the sofa simply drinking it (dark chocolate within reach, of course).

Now, if anyone is thinking of doing a new year, new you thing involving being your own boss, you might be interested in this event I’m doing with Red magazine in London on the 28th January. Shout if you are going to be there, would love to see you!

Cheers, dears x

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  1. Chin chin my old mucker. Thanks, as ever, for forcing me to spend a fortune on wine (all of it good!). Have a fab new year. Mwah xx

  2. Does Greek wine count as left field? Had some cracking bottles there on a work trip a couple of months ago. Oh and dark chocolate is definitely a health food it stops you ageing and counts as 1 of your 5 a day (scientific fact that).

  3. I was wondering when Majestic would start staring (starring?) in your blog! 🙂 Happy new year. x

  4. I take great delight in reading your posts and learning from them and enjoying the wines and Champagnes you recommend. I wish you a very Happy and successful New Year X

  5. Salute! May 2013 bring lots of fun and interesting things your way. Have a fabulous NYE and don't worry about the chocolate x

  6. I wish I could get some of the wines you blog about in the USA. Even if I could, they'd probably be twice the price. I am joining you in cutting down on the vino though. I've been trying to lose a few pounds and I do believe that the vino is the problem since I work out and don't eat that much.

  7. Some of the Greek wines (thinking Nemea) and the Georgian wines are worth checking out, too (but not the reds you need to put in the fridge. Yeuch). Good luck with your event at the event at the end of January. Would love to come along and sit at the fit of the masters but unfortunately, my flight back to Moscow is rather earlier than that, dammit.

  8. I sent my bro a couple of bottles of The Bee last year, he loved it.
    Happy New Year!

  9. All my best wishes and hopes for this year, with great things for your book and career..
    and if all "Resolutions" were completed, our muffin tops would all be defeated – however its too easy to fail and look just like a whale, and really feel rather defeated.
    SO far better to binge, on dark chocolate and bling than to worry about the size of your rear!

    Happy New Year to you and your family x

    So better by far is to eat,drink and b

  10. All my best wishes and hopes for this year, with GREAT things for your book and career..

    Now, if NY "Resolutions" were really completed, our muffin tops would all be depleted,
    but tending to fail, (looking more like a Whale) and just feeling rather defeated.

    So FAR better to binge, on dark chocolate and bling than to worry about the size of your rear!

    Happy New year to you and your family x

  11. Have found your blog via English Mum, it's just my cup of tea! Anyway reading this I wanted to mention a great Brazillian wine I tried a year or so back – Fortaleza do Seival – their Tempranillo (2006)was really very good! Happy New Year and Happy Drinking!

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