No, not me, silly. Not that I would mind getting married again*, having gone to the most beautiful of second weddings last Friday. If ever there was a time to have a day of pure life-affirming joy with old friends, celebrating love, then early January is it. Most of us were in tears before the bride had even made it to the front of the tiny Registry Office. And for a such a tiny room, there was a whole lotta love. Looking at the newly married couple, showered in confetti against the bright, crisp sunshine that London does so well, they epitomised faith in each other, hope for the future and – the greatest of these – love. Oh, and it meant I had the shortest dry January ever. Jackpot.

Current white in the fridge: Sacchetto Prosecco, £11.49, Naked Wines
This one came in the last case the Husband bought from Naked, and really is one of the most delicious Prosecco wines I’ve had for a while. Some of the cheaper ones can taste just a little bit, well, nothing-y. Yes, I want froth and fun, but I also want it to be fresh, apple-and-pear-like and more-ish. Prosecco sales have gone through the roof over Christmas according to some retailers, and it is easy to see why with its easy appeal and relative value for money. But meh Prosecco can leave a bad taste, so select with care. This one didn’t; perfect pre-Sunday lunch grazing material. 

Current red in the rack: Santa Julia Malbec 2011, £5.59 on offer, Waitrose
You see, I am happy to go wine free two or three days a week. But Sunday is not a day for not having a glass of red with lunch, especially in January. And even better, in a month when there is not much left in our pot after the madness of December, this one – made by one of my favourite producers in Mendoza – is 20% off until the 22nd January. Argentinian Malbec is about as subtle as Samantha Brick but in these dark days of January, provides the warmth and almost smoky bramble fruit I need from a glass of red poured to go with a plate piled with roasted lamb and vegetables. For that is what we had on Sunday, round at my mother’s. Again, jackpot. 

*To same man, obviously. I’m talking renewing vows, Hello!-style, possibly barefoot.

Chin chin x

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  1. Happy New Year to you. The wedding sounds superb and, like you say, the best excuse ever not to have a dry January! Top tip re the Prosecco because I've not been too keen on any I've tried tbh, so will trust you on this one and be forced to buy a bottle. Ho Hum. I suppose someone has got to 😉

  2. Which celebs would you have grinning beside you on the front cover of your exclusive Hello deal?!

  3. Dr Uncle Bunny

    Bearded one in shalwar kameez standing barefoot on the sand in Goa renewing vows with a kingfisher under one arm and you under the other? I'd fly out for that!

  4. Oh! I have so many plans for the next time B and I get married. Different music. Different bridesmaids dresses (probably different bridesmaids too actually). Different frock.

    Same man though. Which is probably a good thing.

  5. Glad we all want to marry our fellas again 🙂

  6. January, it's the perfect time for a wedding, I totally agree. I may have to get married again just to stop it being such a bleak month. although Feb is bleaker, so maybe I'll get married again in Feb. Sounds like you had a lovely time. Love the sound of that Malbec too, just need to track down a Waitrose in south London, easier said than done. Happy New Year!

  7. Happy New Year!
    Current husband is no. 2, so I did get to do things a whole lot better at my second wedding.
    Both wines sound really nice.

  8. Yo KM. I is finking you might want to shuffle up de sand with da Sand Monster! I can take you barefoot but me Slam Jam X's is stayin on me toes – know what I'm saying? Who da beardy?

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