Last week saw my first appearance as the new wine expert on The Alan Titchmarsh Show. And honestly? I loved it. It was possibly one of the most surreal days of my life, and I must learn to not always say what I’m thinking out loud. Telling Kerry Katona that my friends and I used to do a killer routine to ‘Whole Again’, including that sitting-on-stools-to-standing-on-the-key-change thing, was a case in point. But I’m sure that will come with time. Whatever, she was sweet enough to have her photo taken with me, even after that:

Here’s the set (that’s me, in the background sitting at the table. With wine, obviously):
And this is me, just off set having finished my first ever bit of telly, getting a big hug from Nadia Sawalha, the resident cookery expert on the show (she’s GORGEOUS):

Here’s a link, the wine bit is right at the end (and really short, just to warn you). And here’s a couple of wines I picked for the show:
Current white in the fridge: The Wine Selection Langhorne Creek Chardonnay, £5, Asda
I picked this to go with Nadia’s tuna pasta dish, and what’s brilliant about it is the fact that it’s an Aussie Chardonnay, with oak, really nicely done. It’s got the tropical fruit and vanilla thing going on, but not so much that it tastes really oaky. Properly autumnal white, this one. 

Current red in the rack: Tesco Simply Chianti, £4.99, Tesco
So happy to have found this one. Made from the Sangiovese grape, this is bright and juicy, and tastes of cherries and spice. It really is perfect midweek wine, especially if you’ve got a bowl of pasta on your lap. For under a fiver, it’s brilliant value. 

Peace out, winos x
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  1. Congratulations on your tv debut, sorry I missed it.

  2. Brilliant, really brilliant! Well done you x

  3. Look at you! Your hair is soooooooo shiney! You were FABULOUS. Why haven't you been presenting tv shows for YEARS?? I too had a dance / singing routine to Atomic Kitten, but it was only performed while drunk, and singing a rather rude version of the song. Ah, the good old days. Probably just as well that I never get onto a tv show with her, because I know I wouldn't be able to resist belting it out… Congrats on your fantastic debut, you're officially a super-star x

  4. Tried to watch you via the posted link but it still makes you go thru many ads!! So sadly time being short I gave up trying to find you this time but will try to catch the real show…Well done to you!

  5. I thought the rude version was only known by me and my saucy friends, guess we're all as filthy as each other! Bought the Simply Chianti today and enjoying with some very rare double lamb chops – yum!

  6. Oh no, I missed it – will try to catch it today…

  7. damn out on school pick up then – no wonder I missed it last week – Do ask them to schedule it later in the day when us boozy mothers are there ready to watch you , glass in hand!

  8. Think I'm going to have to re-instate sky+ just for you! Congratulations (again) on the gig! You're brilliant 🙂

  9. Congrats, bet your relieved to get the first show out of the way.

  10. So fantastic – congratulations!

  11. Why do you go and do this when we HAVE NO TELLY!!! Will be shouting at telly fixing people even more now…

    I expect it to be the KM show before the season's out.

  12. Just caught up with this on iPlayer – you're a natural Helen! And that pasta looked yummy, I'm definitely going to make that. Great stuff to see you on the telly! x

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