Not Tonight, Darling

I’m supposed to be in the cinema as I type this, watching Fifty Shades of Grey with friends (I live in the sticks, it took a while to get here). But I just didn’t have the energy: too tired. Oh, the irony! In my defence, I was out last night – Book Club – and I can’t do two late nights in a row anymore. Definitely not on a school night, anyway. I’ll go straight to wine.
Chin chin x

Ps. I’ve got a couple of tickets for the Ideal Home Show to give away (I’ll be there next Thursday, wine in hand). If you fancy coming, pop your name on the blog or facebook page in the comments by this Friday (20th March 2015) and we’ll settle this in the usual way, picking a name at random.

1. Competition closes on Friday 20th March 2015 at 11.59pm.
2. The prize draw is open to any UK resident over the age of 18.

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  1. Karen & Cliff Benford

  2. It's always good to know a decent Prosecco – I really struggle with finding one off the cuff, so thank you for your tips in this regard. Your Co-op Champagne tip (the £16.99 one) was really useful too. We can't all always stretch to the proper stuff when bubbles are in order, so it's good to feel empowered with proper guidance and turn up feeling like we've done a proper job nevertheless! And Pinot Noir, always a love 🙂 PS Would LOVE to come to the Ideal Home Show and join you with a wine in hand. Someone's got to 😉 Chin chin X

  3. Thanks for the Prosecco tip – I can't decide if it's terribly right or overly saccharine and slightly nausea inducing ( bit like 50 Shades ….), however at this price I'm off to Tesco.

    As for the film, I'm more Marigold Hotel 2…

    • Some definitely more saccharine than others…! Not seen Marigold 2 yet.

      And you've won the tickets! Let me know where to post them and I'll get them to you asap.

  4. I hope they still have some of your Tesco suggestions when I come over in the summer. I will be very disappointed if they're out of stock.

  5. Pleasure to have you post now really thank you soo much good to get the tips

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