Rosé Cheeks

Last weekend, the sun came out. And so did the rosé. There is something about pink wine that hints at summer better than any other wine – and it definitely shines in the sun. This is me, on Easter Monday, at a restaurant on the Isle of Wight called The Hut. If you are ever on the Island, go. They sell rosé by the double magnum (I’m holding an empty one; I had help). The combination of warm sun, cold wine and a delicious lunch with friends was invigorating. I didn’t feel quite so invigorated after stealing sharing most of The Husband’s chocolate orange Easter egg later that night but still, totally worth it. Happy holidays.

Chin chin x

Ps. Thanks to my friend Amanda for taking the Instagram pic x

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Current white in the fridge: te Pa Marlborough Pinot Gris 2013

Price: £10.95 - Buy From

If Sauvignon Blanc is the star grape in New Zealand’s Marlborough region, then Pinot Gris is shaping up to be the understudy. The colour of the wine is tinged pinky-orange thanks to the skins of Pinot Gris (more red than white) but it’s the flavours that are really interesting. This one’s typically peach and pear-like and it’s got a little more oomph to it than your usual Pinot Grigio (same grape, different take). Made by the MacDonald Family, who seem adorable. As does their farm

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Current red in the rack: Taste The Difference Pic Saint Loup 2011

Price: £8.00 - Buy From Sainsbury's

The Languedoc region in the South of France is stuffed full of good reds, often great value too – like this one. It’s a blend of Syrah and Grenache grapes, creating a juicy, spicy, red berry mash up that was made to be quaffed with sausages. Pic Saint Loup is the name of the wine region as well as the name of a distinctive mountain peak that overlooks the vines. Think baby-Rhone, style-wise.

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