“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”, said Alice. Or rather, Lewis Carroll did. Well, turns out I sort of know what he means, now that my alarm goes off at 6.15am in order to get Eldest Boy out of bed and ready to catch the bus to his new secondary school. But as much as the early starts are a shock to the system, I’ve discovered a whole half hour that I never knew existed. That is, between shooing Eldest Boy out of the door and waking up the other two for school. This means hot tea. It means a chance to read and answer a few emails. And it means a hot bath, with time to listen to the news/read my book/think* (after putting a wash on and emptying the dishwasher, obviously). I’ve even got time to eat a bowl of that flipping granola, which is lucky given that I got the quantities wrong and now have enough to keep us going until January.


Chin chin x

*or just close my eyes for a little bit longer

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