Moving On

January is over. I repeat: o-vah. And man, am I glad to see the back of it. Not just because I was wasn’t drinking. Really. But I’m happy to report I’ve had my first glass of wine of the year. It was chilled, sparkling and perfect. We had it with fish & chips, with my in-laws (on the eve of them moving out of the house they’d lived in for nearly forty years. Amazing!). Back to me. The feature I’ve written for the paper on ‘wine face’, and what not drinking for a month did for my skin, will run on Saturday. I’ll share details here next week. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy wet February.

*SPA KLAXON* the winner for the Lime Wood spa/lunch/body MOT day is Emma! Congratulations – and thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. I wish we could all go.

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  1. Good to leave January behind, just seemed to go on forever and mine wasn’t a dry one! Linda x

  2. Well done you and I love the o-va thing ! I was telling my teenage son how cool James Corden’s carpool is and he realised I have only just discovered you tube….

    Chin chin..x

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