Fine Lines

Last Saturday, I was front page news. Well, sort of. My face was on the front of the paper – in Spain. Here, I was slightly less in-your-face, tucked inside with a feature on, er, my face. Specifically, the effect a wine-free month had on my skin, along with some rather hideous close-ups of it pre- and post-January. So, was it all worth it? Well, I definitely slept better. And my skin was noticeably brighter afterwards. It was subtle to the eye but the scans showed a big difference in texture, pores and even wrinkles around the eyes. Having said all that, I really missed the pleasure of having a glass of wine. Not during the week so much but on a Friday night, or with friends at the weekend. Having yet another cup of green tea or tonic water (even though it was lovely tonic water) just wasn’t the same. To be honest, I’d rather have a glass of wine in the evening and take the wrinkles. Although I’ll go with laughter lines – and they’re fine by me.

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  1. I agree. Better to enjoy life and have a few wrinkles than be wrinkle-free and miserable. Cheers!

  2. I am going to be really boring and say ‘ahem look at the French’ a drink at lunchtime, butter,red meat, not really gym hounds and they are slender elegant and on the whole not really for the nip and tuck.

    I have seen Vanessa Redgrave in real life – sure she has lines but is utterly beautiful, Charlotte Rampling, Judo Dench, Maggie Smith – in all seriousness are these women not more compelling than the egg faced Nicole Kidman ( who I think is an excellent actress and doesn’t need the work ) and the various others who have had stuff ‘done.’

    Rant over it’s vendredi soir…a la votre !

  3. I’m currently trying to lose a few and I know it would be a heck of a lot easier if I gace up my wine. I mean all those empty calories. And then I think, but I like wine………….

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