Give Me a (Spa) Break

We’re nearly at the end of January *fist pump* which means I can have a glass of wine soon. So, seeing as we’re celebrating (nearly) the end of the toughest month of the year, I thought it was time for a little pick me up. I live down the road from the most lovely hotel, Lime Wood, and they’re offering a spa day for two at their Herb House Spa. It includes use of all the facilities, any classes you might want to do, lunch in Raw & Cured (think super superfood) and even a body MOT if you want one. Travel isn’t included but get yourself to Brockenhurst station and I’ll come and pick you up. To enter, just leave a comment on the blog here or on the KMWC Facebook page and a winner will be announced next week. Good luck!

T&Cs: Spa Day prize voucher is valid for 6 months from prize draw date and can only be redeemed on Monday-Friday (sorry!). Competition closes on 3rd February 2016 at 11.59pm. The prize draw is open to any UK resident over the age of 18.

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  1. Julieann Jefford

    Yes please, a gorgeous spa day with my Bournemouth-Buddy Claire would be perfect. Plus the added advantage of leaving the blokes at home with 4 kids and two dogs while we relax.

  2. For the love of wine, PLEASE enter me into the draw! They might need to MOT my sanity as well as my body…

  3. Charlotte Russell

    Just what the doctor ordered so yes please!! BTW, trying Seedlip later 😉

  4. Body MOT definitely needed a day of pampering would be just the thing. Enter me please!!!

  5. Elizabeth Kirby

    Would love a spa day to calm the January blues! Get me away from the decorating for a bit!

  6. Tinne Ledwitch-Madsen

    Spa break is a wonderful price; oh to lounge relaxed and calm in the miserable British winter💙 Maybe with a small red in hand (being January is over really really soon 😋)

  7. In the hat please, Hels!

  8. Annabel Lintott

    Yes please! Thanks Helen! Love the latest blog…..well done with dry January! Xxx

  9. wife & I joined you on the dry January and are feeling very good on the inside, but at our ages the bodies need a bit of TLC on the outside too so please enter us in your lovely draw x

  10. Julie Strutt

    Purlease put me in the draw for the Spa Day – we could all do with a me pick me up at this time of year! AND at the Lime Wood no less – lovely

  11. My bloke split with me on 2nd January after seventeen years. Please put me in the draw as need a bit of tlc. Thanks

  12. What a lovely offer – thank you very much.

  13. Yes please – but if not me, please can it be Maggie (see above). Sxx

  14. Yes please – I would love a spa break with my friend P – we always used to go the Sanctuary in Covent Garden in February, but now it’s closed down and I’m on the hunt for somewhere new! x

  15. That would be amazing, I have Anosmia so had a bad year last year. I could definitely do with a reprieve and a bit of a pamper. If you want to know about Anosmia I also have a blog pick me pick me 😃 Thanks

  16. Bring on the happy endorphins, smiles, relaxed body and mind. What a lovely way to spend a day, Hooray for lovely treats like this! X

  17. From one knackered mother to another- this sounds amazing! Anything to help pick me up and throw me head on into the rest of the year would be simply lovely.

  18. Yes please. Desperately in need of a spa day at Limewood. I keep trying to recreate the scene at home… A warm bath, glass of wine, candles around the bathroom… But it’s not quite the same with two toddlers peering over the edge of the bath asking what’s for supper. Really ought to wait til the husband is home to look after them, but you know how it is sometimes. Bring it on.

  19. Ben Thomspon

    Calls on hold. Meetings cancelled. I’m ready

  20. Holly newman

    My reasons for entering are a bit too personal to put ‘out there’ on here . Let’s just say I am a knackered mother and there’s been quite a bit of hospital action between myself and my daughter. I can’t even think of anything witty to say! I would love to take her to something like this, to win it for her. And to do something together that would leave a memory.

  21. Oooh, I know just the person who deserves this, my amazingly devoted to duty, sister, Susie, who counsels children in distress at a special, inner city school. How she gets through each day with the ghastly situations she has to cope with and try to sort, has always gobsmacked me. I don’t know where she gets her emotional and physical strength from, sometimes. So, a session of pampering – which she cannot afford herself – would be like a piece of Heaven landing in her lap – and if there was a glass of wine to enjoy too, well, she’d be thrilled to bits.

  22. Let me win…. I’m your sister after all X

  23. PS – didn’t realise it was for two people but I bet she’d want to take her best friend of 40 years standing with her if she won this. She’s also got a very importantly big birthday coming up – but we don’t mention the age, though there is a 7 in it, somewhere!

  24. Helen Johnson

    Just got home on a Friday eve to see this amazing offer! Now looking at the washing up and the madness that is family weekends just beginning – all the stuff us knackered mothers (and Nana’s in my case) have to do! – a spa day right now would bring tears but I still vote Maggie or Holly or Trish. X

  25. Rachel Murray

    OOOh, yes please Helen with a giant capital P….also on dry and sugar free January, generally you can keep your Mondays but in this case BRING IT ON 🙂

  26. After a totally rubbish2015, a spa day to get me back on track and on full of energy to crack on with 2016 would be just the thing the dreams!

  27. Yes, please yes. Would love to pamper my mum, it’s been a tough old year all around.

    • Emma! You won! Drop me an email ( and I’ll put you in touch with the lovely team at Lime Wood. Well done! Am so thrilled for you – and your mum! x

  28. There should Pinot doubt that I would be so grapeful for this vine prize!
    I don’t mean to wine but I Riojan you’ve got me over a barrel!!

    Love the blog!!

  29. Oooooh please please PLEASE!!! Pretty please thank you very much!!
    My mind, body & soul neeeeeds this spa day! xx

  30. After hearing so many amazing things about this place I can not think of anything nicer than a pamper day -fingers & toes are crossed X

  31. I’ve heard Lime Wood is a gorgeous. In the hat please! I’m looking forward to a glass of vino in February too – my inner rebel is rumbling…

  32. Catherine Dunford

    Ohhh yes please to the spa trip! Need it after 3 house moves and lots of cleaning / box moving. Fingers and everything crossed xxx

  33. Hello! My mum and I have also been doing dry January and are SO looking forward to a drink! I’ve been promising to take her to a spa in the New Forest for a little while now, so this would be ideal 🙂

  34. Don’t see enough of the amazing HB these days but last time we caught up, she introduced me to KMWC. H says I need to share some of our newly imported Spanish wine with you so will do that soon – drop it off on the way to Lawn Wood ;o)

  35. Ohhhhhh yes please. Couldn’t think of anything better at the moment! And I can think of the person to go with…

  36. Yes please! Though probably need a full service rather than just the MOT xx

  37. Wowsers, it looks amazing. Keeping fingers and toes crossed. It looks like a little bit of heaven. What a lovely idea.x

  38. Hi Helen,
    I live in France now so can’t do the spa day. So thought instead I would say thank you for making our Fridays that bit more sparkly with your blog.


  39. Yes please, name in the hat please.

  40. Siobhan Davey

    Would love to win this, am an avid reader and enjoy your recommendations immensely! Thanks very much for the chance to win such a great prize x

  41. Kathie Clarke

    I live in the US but my Mum would be a very worthy winner of some pampering, can I enter on her behalf?!

  42. Fantastic prize, I would adore to win. Thank you

  43. Hannah Wagstaff

    Well done with dry January. Now I’m dying to know what was in your glass for that first drink in February? Xx

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