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As promised, a quick update on those booze-related beauty treatments I tested out last week. Washing my hair in beer made me smell like a brewery and washing my face in red wine, egg white and honey was as horrible as it sounds. However, making a home-made body scrub from tequila, salt, oil and lime juice is quick, easy and ridiculously effective. And anti-ageing gin is a thing. Find out more here. And yes, I am pouring vodka into a Pyrex dish whilst smiling at the camera. That’s why I forgot to breathe in.

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Current white in the fridge: Les Six Terroirs Sauvignon Blanc

Price: £9.99 - Buy From Waitrose

This one’s from Touraine in northern France’s Loire Valley and has got that classic Sauvignon Blanc citrus twist but rather more delicately done than many a cheap-ish Marlborough Sauvignon. Terroir refers to the specific place where a vine is grown; a combination of soil, aspect, climate. This wine’s made from grapes selected from six different soil types within the Touraine area. Lovely idea, and in practice a lively, lemony success.

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Current red in the rack: Domaine de la Clairiege

Price: £5.50 - Buy From M&S

Ridiculously good value red from southern France, this is a clever blend of Merlot (for juicy fruit), Cabernet Sauvignon (for more black fruits and backbone) and Syrah (yet more fruits and a kick of spice). The result is a juicy, bright, black cherry and plum-flavoured gem that looks like it should come from Bordeaux but tastes unmistakably more relaxed.  Lovely with tomato-y pasta bake (thanks Crumbs cookbook).

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