Remember when I did a dry January? I do, all too clearly. Anyway, the thing I found tough was not the not drinking so much as finding something non-alcoholic and interesting to drink in the evenings. Given that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a glass of wine, it’s surprisingly difficult to find an alcohol-free, vaguely grown up equivalent. So the seed was sown and this week I’ve been reading the final proof of my new book, Teetotal Tipples. It’s full of booze-less mocktails to make at home along with the best alcohol-free wines. And the last part of the book is all about new wines to try on your non-dry days. It’s out on December 15th but you can pre-order a copy here. I can’t wait to show you the cover (not yet finalised but loving the look) and hear what you think.

Also, I must tell you about another book that a friend of mine, Jerry Lockspeiser, has written called Your Wine Questions Answered. It’s a great read and what’s more, all profits go towards building schools in Sierra Leone. Proof that wine does good.

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  1. Sulphur free wines sound great – I am pretty much allergic to the stuff. (My American spellcheck is desperately trying to change it to “sulfur”.)

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