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Maybe it’s the back to school feeling in the air. More likely it’s the fact that I’ve got deadlines. Whatever: I can’t stop clearing out cupboards. It all started with the coat cupboard, where I found not one but two old puffa jackets I’d forgotten about. A boon because apparently they’re the only thing we should be wearing this winter. Well, not the only thing but you know what I mean. Anyway, it culminated in a (rather therapeutic) huge wardrobe clear out. Amazing how after so many years of shopping, I still have nothing to wear. Except puffa jackets, obviously.

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Current white in the fridge: Camper Vin

Price: £13.00 - Buy From Asda

A bag in box wine that looks like a camper van! Called Camper Vin! I know! And what’s really good about it is the wine inside is really rather lovely. Made from the Chenin Blanc grape grown in South Africa’s Swartland region, it’s fresh, lemony and bright. This is a one-off parcel, only available in Asda for 6 weeks apparently. At £13 for the equivalent of 3 bottles of wine, it’s a brilliantly packaged bargain. Get one before they all go. Happy camping indeed.

Current red in the rack: Anda Tempranillo Syrah

Price: £7.99 - Buy From Waitrose

The Andalucian region in southern Spain is more famous for its sherry than its wine. Actually, it’s more famous for its holidaymakers but after that, definitely sherry. But this particular wine producer is determined to put the region on the map for wine lovers. It’s hot down here but the vineyards are tucked into the foothills of the mountains so the grapes ripen but are not over-ripened thanks to a generally cooler climate. Soft, juicy and loaded with black fruits, this is one of the first wines from here to hit our supermarket shelves. Let’s hope there’s plenty more to come.

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