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I’ve been dying to tell you about this: I’m writing another book. And this time, we’re back on the booze. Out next year, it’s all about how to make really good cocktails at home. So if you have any favourite cocktail recipes you’d like to share, I’d love to know about them! Email, leave a comment here or on Instagram or Facebook, whatever works. The more the merrier. Unlike Martinis (always stop at two). Also, just so you know, I’ve been doing a quick Facebook Live on the KMWC page at around 8pm every Wednesday on whatever bottle’s open that night. Do join me if you can. And bring nibbles.

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  1. Cocktail recipes? You’re looking at the right girl. Standard beach hut tipple! Happy to share. I have loads in my locker. Going to be in a couple of magazines this summer. Exciting times.

    • Helen McGinn

      I knew it! Would love to include a beach hut tipple…email me knackeredmother @ gmail dot com (and how exciting! Go you) x

  2. The Bauduc Rosé summer cocktail is great for parties, and you can make a low alcohol version for teenagers and no alc one for kids. I’ve copied this from my blog post (google Gavin Quinney cocktail):

    For 25 long drinks, mix 2 bottles Château Bauduc Rosé (Rick Stein’s house rosé, no less), 50cl cranberry juice, a dash of lime cordial, good squeeze of fresh lime juice, and a slug of Vodka. Measures to taste, of course. When guests arrive, add ice into tall glasses and pour in the mix to half way; then fill with Canada Dry ginger ale (2 litres of Canada Dry needed in all).

    Add mint leaves for a garnish and squeeze in a lime wedge for a zippy first taste.

    In truth, you could probably use another dry rosé too.

    • Helen McGinn

      Gavin, that’s brilliant – thank you! Will definitely be trying this. Love the variations – covers all ages!

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