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This week sees the launch of the laugh-til-you-wee Scummy Mummies book, so to celebrate I thought we’d take a look at some suitably scummy wines. Written by Ellie Gibson and Helen Thorn, the book is a brilliant celebration of parenting failures, stuffed with hilarious confessions and top tips. For example, new parents! Save time by simply throwing cereal straight onto the floor, thereby cutting out the middleman. Featured games include Snakes and Career Ladders (e.g. you give everyone nits = snake; no-one notices your shoes don’t match = ladder). And there are plenty of life hacks e.g remembering that wine makes everything better (a personal favourite). But their best parenting life hack of all is remembering to laugh. With your partner, with your kids, at yourself. As Helen & Ellie point out, nobody’s perfect – and your best is good enough, even when it’s a bit rubbish.

So, here are some appropriately scummy wines to enjoy whilst you read it. To qualify, the wines have to be screw cap (no time wasted finding the corkscrew or pulling out the cork) and they need to be cheap (we’re talking everyday essential). Food-wise, they must pair well with cold fish fingers. Click on wine reviews below for details.

Ps. If you want a really good night out go and see their live show, with friends, and drink all the wine. I did and it was, indeed, wee-inducingly funny. See tour dates here.

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Current white in the fridge: Hilltop Estate Eva’s Vineyard

Price: £4.79 - Buy From Waitrose

Made by a brilliant winemaker called Eva Keresztury in a tucked away corner of Hungary, this is a savvy little white loaded with lovely lemony flavours. She’s taken Pinot Grigio, added some Chenin Blanc and then taken a local grape variety, Kiralyeanyka, to give it extra freshness. Just add snacks (handful of Cheerios definitely counts).

Current red in the rack: House Torla Rioja

Price: £4.60 - Buy From Sainsbury's

Honestly, Spain is putting out some of the best value wines on the planet right now. I mean, Rioja! For less than a fiver! OK, it’s a simple take on the style but there’s plenty of fresh red fruits and no rough edges. A glass of this after tea/bath/bed and there’ll be no rough edges left on your day. Especially good with Frazzles. Am being serious.

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