I kicked off my rose season properly yesterday with a glass at midday accompanied by this view. I’m in Austria and plan to spend much of the rest of the week drinking more wine and eating melted cheese. But the mood is definitely Spring-like, despite being surrounded by snow. So I’ve added a suitably Spring-friendly wine review below (you can even cook lamb in it, ffs) but also wanted to mention a big taste test I’ve just done for a newspaper article about no/low alcohol wines. In the line up was Rawson’s Retreat, an Australian red, white and sparkling all under a fiver in Tesco. Given that most are really not that nice to drink, these are seriously good alternatives. There’s a new beer too, from Scottish brewer Innis & Gunn, called (and I love this) Innis & None. Brilliant for anyone wanting a grown up drink without the alcohol. Just wish these had been around when I was up the duff. But for now,  I’m definitely on the rose (and cheese).

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