No Frills

Last week I was going on about not caring what I looked like in a swimming costume. But then I went and ordered a new one after two glasses of rosé last Sunday night. When it arrived, I opened the box and put it on the table. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off it. It had frills. And it was ruched. Eventually I tried it on and – I’m not kidding – IT HAD A PLUNGE FRONT. Obviously it went back. And instead I went to Boden, cup of tea in hand. Turns out I’m not quite the frill-seeker I thought I was.

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Current rosé in the fridge: Cuvée Rosée 1.5l

Price: £19.00 - Buy From M&S

At last! A brilliant Provence rosé in a wine bag! This is M&S’s gorgeous Cuvée Rosée already available in a normal 75cl bottle and in a train-friendly 25cl bottle. And thanks to the success of their other camping/festival/picnic-friendly wine bags, they’ve given this one its very own bag too. I tasted it yesterday at the M&S Summer wine press tasting and it’s fabulous, all light redcurrant fruits and lip-smacking freshness. So new it’s not even on the website yet but is available in stores. Go bag one.

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Current red in the rack: Proudly Vegan Merlot

Price: £6.99 - Buy From Ocado

Normally finding the words ‘suitable for vegans’ on a wine label requires a magnifying glass, the text is so small. But in this case it’s splashed across the front label so you really can’t miss it. What makes a wine vegan-friendly is that no animal-based products are used during the winemaking process (they’re sometimes used to ‘fine’ the wines, taking out any unwanted sediment). Anyway, this is a great big softie, full of juicy jammy fruit flavours. Perfect weekday wine.

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  • Peter Walker
    3 years ago

    Helen. Just shows what happens after a few glasses…of Rose!
    Lord knows what you would have bought if you had been on the Champers!
    Hope you’re happy with the Boden costume. Regards Peter

    • Helen McGinn
      3 years ago

      Exactly! Dangerous game.

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