‘Just checking you’re ok…not seen you on social media for a bit?’ went the first message from a friend. ‘Are you away on hols?’ went another. Sadly I wasn’t sitting on my own private island with a cocktail in one hand, book in the other (would have posted that, obviously). But I did go dark for a bit because for the first time for a long time I was, quite literally, out of words. Almost two years after I started writing it, I’ve finally finished my first fiction book. As ever, you’ll be the first to know what happens next. In the meantime, back to booze and this week’s recommendations include the descriptions ‘delicious’ and ‘great value’. Quite my favourite words when it comes to wine.

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  1. Fiction….sounds amazing! Thank you for the recommendations. As it’s fairtrade fortnight can you recommend some fairtrade wines? Thank you

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