Jump Start

A few years ago I bought a jumpsuit. We were off to New York for a long weekend and clearly thought a jumpsuit would elevate me from knackered mother to potential extra in Gossip Girl in one outfit. Instead, I remember feeling like a giant toddler. Except with wine. And going to the loo was a (cold) logistical nightmare.  Anyway, I found it tucked away at the back of the cupboard the other day and felt bad that I hadn’t worn it since not getting that part in Gossip Girl. But I knew I had to face the fact: jumpsuits might look amazing on other people, just not on me. And I’m old enough to realise that clothes definitely shouldn’t make you feel self conscious or make it difficult to have a wee. If only I’d known that back in my puffball skirt-wearing days.


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Current white in the fridge: Co-op Orvieto Classico

Price: £6.00 - Buy From Co-op

For years Orvieto has been sitting quietly on the shelves, overshadowed by buckets of Italian Pinot Grigio. But if it’s a crisp white with simple citrus flavours you want, its worth trying a glass of well-made Orvieto for a change. From Central Italy, this one’s produced by a great co-operative made from the Trebbiano grape. They’ve added a  dash of the little-known local Drupeggio grape to the blend to zhuzh it up a bit. Works a treat.

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Current red in the rack: Caruso e Minini Perricone

Price: £6 - Buy From M&S

Currently in offer (it’s normally £9), this is a brilliant juicy red made from a little known grape found in Sicily. The bright label makes it easy to spot on the shelves (always a bonus with my eyesight) and there’s lots going on in the bottle. Spice, a bit of mocha and lots of black cherry and bramble fruit. Refreshingly different – and great value. Love it.

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  • Nathalie Estribeau
    4 years ago

    We need a pic Helen!
    Hope you are going well, Nathalie

    • Helen McGinn
      4 years ago

      Ha! Not sure I have one…! Hope all well x

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