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A reader emailed recently asking for some low sulphur wines to try after being told by her GP that wine intolerance was common in middle-aged pre-menopausal women and a low/no added sulphur approach might help. I mean, a hot flush is one thing. But wine intolerance? Talk about adding insult to injury. Anyway, if you want to go low the trick is to go for organic, biodynamic or so-called natural wines as these will have lower levels of sulphur than most (although all wines will have at least some sulphur in them: it’s a natural by-product of fermentation). So a couple of this week’s wines are both low sulphur and fabulous. The other is Fairtrade, given that it’s Fairtrade Fortnight (as requested by another reader this week). Hope this helps. Now, excuse me whilst I go and open a window.

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Current Sparkling in the fridge: El Bandito I Wish I Was A Ninja

Price: £19.99 - Buy From The Solent Cellar

This is a pet-nat (the name comes from the French term petillant naturel, which translates as ‘natural sparkling’) wine from traditional-rule-breaking hip young winemakers (god, I sound like my mother) in South Africa’s Swartland region. The fact that the label simply says ‘Made from grapes’ gives you an idea of their approach. Basically, a big two fingers to any wine stuffiness. I adore this wine, fresh and frothy and full of lemon sherbet flavours. Seriously, it tastes happy.

Current white in the fridge: Free Run Juice Samurai Chardonnay

Price: £11.00 - Buy From Pull The Cork

Get past the nightmarish label and you’ll find a bright, sunny wine inside. Made from the Chardonnay grape, this hasn’t been anywhere near an oak barrel and is made with what’s called ‘minimum intervention’ from the winemaker. It’s a real peach and Pull The Cork, the online retailer selling it, is offering a small discount to KMWC readers on any orders. Just enter the discount ‘org4n1c’ at the checkout.

Current red in the rack: Co-op Fairtrade Bonarda-Malbec

Price: £5.25 - Buy From Co-op

It’s the second week of Fairtrade Fortnight and if you want to drink to that, head to the Co-op. They’re real champions of Fairtrade wines and sales of this particular range of wines has, so far, funded a clean water facility and a secondary school in the town where the wine’s made in Argentina. It’s a great blend, matching Malbec with the bright, juicy Bonarda grape. Properly feel-good wine.


  • Simon Heape
    5 years ago

    It might be worth pointing out to said person that red wines contain less sulphites than red and sweet wine spritzers are a total no no 😀

    • Helen McGinn
      5 years ago

      Absolutely! Thank you..

  • Adam
    5 years ago

    Thanks so much for this post. I started a mission to change my vinous horizons by trying to drink only “natural” / low-intervention wines for a year. Early days, but so far it’s amazing – whole new world of flavours and energy. Accessible writing on the space is limited so I for one would love to see more wines like this featured by writers like you.

    • Helen McGinn
      5 years ago

      Thanks for this, yes planning to do lots more as so many people wanting to drink organic nowadays whether for their own health or that of the planet. It’s still hit and miss as with all wines but I’ll report back on the best!

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