The Sound of Silence

After weeks of noise – so much noise – the house was quiet this morning. Middle Boy has joined Eldest Boy at secondary school and Youngest Girl has started her last year at primary school. Post-school run I got home and did what I’ve been dying to do for weeks: have a cup of coffee without being interrupted/distracted. And the funny thing? It was a little too quiet. Until they got home, of course. Chaos restored.

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Current rose in the fridge: Ferrandiere Organic Rose

Price: £6.99 - Buy From Aldi

I’m definitely still in the mood for rosé, especially when it’s such good value and organic. Made by a maestro in the Languedoc from grapes grown in a vineyard in an old salt lagoon, it’s pale with lovely redcurrant flavours and a twist of citrus. Nicely packaged, too. Sit and sip in the late summer sun (fingers crossed).

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Current red in the rack: Domaine Jones Fitou

Price: £15.50 - Buy From The Wine Society

Have you met Ms Jones? Katie bought a tiny vineyard in the Languedoc full of old vines about ten years ago and now makes some fabulous wines, including this one. Rich and dense, this tastes like squashed blackberries doused in allspice. Also: lashings of alcohol. Just what we need now there’s a bite in the air.

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