As ever, I’m slightly late to the party but why didn’t anyone tell me about Samin Nosrat? My stepmother kindly bought me her book – Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat – for my birthday last year and it sat on the bookshelf for a while because, if I’m honest, I didn’t really get it. No pictures, few recipes. But then I heard her being interviewed on the radio and she sounded so gloriously enthusiastic about her subject i.e. food, it made me grab the book off the shelf and start reading. Now I’m watching her series on Netflix and it’s properly brilliant. Not to mention so beautiful to watch it makes you want to travel/eat more. Preferably with Samin. Anyway, it made me think about wine. Yes, I know most things make me think about wine but the point is Samin breaks down the art of good cooking to four key elements. Understand them and you can make everything taste great, she says. I think the same goes for wine. Four key factors affect the flavour of wine and that’s the grape variety, where it’s grown, how it’s grown and who made it. Like food, the combinations are endless. And the secret to good drinking? Choosing wisely. Now, pass me your glass.

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