Feeling Flush

I posted a picture of a wine over on my Instagram page yesterday, a gorgeous Melon de Bourgogne/Chardonnay blend I’d recommended to a friend. She’d asked for a slightly lighter alternative to her usual favourite (white Burgundy) because, well, menopause. Within minutes the comments starting coming in so I thought I’d do a proper post over here. Now, there’s little medical evidence to back up the whole wine & menopause thing but what we do know is that drinking alcohol raises our internal body temperature so wine definitely isn’t going to help with hot flushes, night sweats and sleeplessness. And our bodies’ ability to break down alcohol slows as we get older; add menopausal symptoms into the mix and it’s no surprise wine in quantity isn’t going to make us feel exactly bionic. The answer seems to be to drink less but better. Boring, I know. But there it is. Also, naturally lighter in alcohol if possible. Most importantly, make every glass (or wine mug) count. Let me know if/how it’s affecting you differently as you get older. Now, is it me or is it hot in here?

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  1. Carol Beattie

    I am now living in France, big plus for wine drinking, but getting older, big minus for wine drinking. Two glasses seems to affect my sleep.

    So, solution, drink wine earlier. Can’t really yet as I’m in the middle of a renovation (typical Brit) so have an early apero (1 glass) and dinner (another). Result.

    One other advantage of living in France is the choice (but only of French wine). And, at the moment, one more plus, although to be honest, a little shaming. The restaurants, until recently closed, have had to sell off a lot of the contents of their cellar to keep solvent. Our local ‘destockage’ seems to have bought a lot. The advantage is that the wines are cheap, but they are probably the oldest in their cellars, so they have to be drunk ‘now’. It’s hard, but I’m making my way through them….

    • Helen McGinn

      That’s such a good solution! Drink earlier! Thanks Carol – and good luck with the renovation! Also, well done you on helping out on the wine stocks. Someone’s got to etc…

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