Easter Wine Giveaway!

Much as I love chocolate at Easter I’m more about the wines on the table, tbh. And this year it looks like we’ll be able to finally get together in the garden with people other than the ones we live with! To celebrate I’ve got a case of wine to give away so that your wine rack’s properly stocked up. The wines all come from Plaimont, a fantastic producer in South West France. (I used to buy lots of wine from them back when I was a wine buyer for a big supermarket and to this day they make some of France’s best hidden gems, pioneering little known grape varieties only found in this region). The case includes two brilliant whites, three fabulous reds and a gorgeous sweet wine all shown above and more details can be found in this week’s wine reviews. To enter, simply leave a comment on the blog and a winner will be picked at random next week. Good luck!

T&Cs: UK residents only, must be over 18years old to enter. Competition closes on 28th March at 11.59pm. The winner will be notified by email and the prize will be sent to the winner after that date. 

This post is sponsored by Plaimont. Visit Plaimont.com for more details. 

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  1. Wow I’d love to win some wine to share with my family.

  2. Paul Bristow

    Sounds like something to give Easter pizaz

  3. Gary Crawford

    More great reviews by the best wine expert on Saturday Morning Kitchen!!
    Hope I win!! 🤞🏻🤞🏻

  4. Samantha Edmunds

    Sounds like an Easter learning curve!

    • Sound lovely! Good to share with Mum in our ‘bubble’ and dream of drinking somewhere sunnier in better times ahead. Keep up the good work – always enjoy your write ups

  5. Would love to win these tasty sounding wines and sample something new for Easter 🐣!

  6. Paul Chisnell

    The Saint Mont is very good and really decent value for money. Fill your boots with this one.

  7. Sarah Garcia

    Would love to win some wine! These sound great.

  8. Tamsin Thomas

    Oo oo yes please. Would love a win! (Wouldn’t we all!)

  9. Andrew Austin

    I can’t get over how much I am a fan of Hels, serious fan-boy.

  10. I finally get to see my family at Easter and drinking wine is a must! I hope I win x

  11. Patricia Sey

    Chocolate or wine? Wine or chocolate? Both apparently have health benefits in moderation 🍷👍🤞

  12. Would love to be transported to France this Easter!

    • Marina Stanton

      Sounds like sound great value wines that I’d love to try. Definitely help with my research, as I’m about to take my Wset 3 level exam

  13. Harriet Price

    I would love to win! I’ve only heard of those grapes rather than tasted them!
    Yes please!

  14. Perfect prize 👌🤗

  15. Would love to win these wines to share with family over Easter!

  16. This would make Easter even better – if that’s possible as seeing family rocks!! I would love to share these wines with my folks and reminisce of lazy sunny days in France 🥰

    • Edwin Davies

      Love your appearances on Saturday Kitchen (Have you taken Gary Barlow up on his offer of lunch yet?) Great selection of wine as always and I’m particularly partial to a glass or two of Madiran as it brings back fond memories of a Pyrrenian walking holiday based around Pau some years ago. Have a great Easter and trust book is still selling well.

    • Would love to win to share this with family (or drink just myself…)

  17. What a fantastic selection of wines! That would be a lovely gift to give to my friends and family!

    • What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! Wonderful wines to share with Friends and family. But not all at the same time!

  18. Audrey Cherrett

    Oh yes please Helen!!! Such a lovely treat to win and so fantastic to know I could share it with loved ones in the garden…maybe (if I told them about it 🤭🤭🤫)

  19. Julie Kelly

    Tend to favour Spanish/Portuguese reds and willing to be persuaded otherwise! Never bought a sweet wine!

  20. Ginette Filson

    Will be so lovely to drink some wine with friends in the garden, these look worth looking out for, very different.

  21. Malcolm Watters

    Thank you very much for your valuable comments and suggestions. I have a problem, I cannot try every obe!

  22. Lesley Lewis

    I love to try your recommendations so it would be such an Easter treat to have a whole case! Definitely even better than chocolate!

  23. tirion hannaford

    Would love this wine Easter bunny to hop over my way! merci

  24. Susan Dowling

    Sound like a great opportunity to try some new wines with the reassurance that they’ve been given the thumbs up from you. You’ve never let me down yet! And we all deserve some lovely wines on our tables this Easter.

  25. Tanya Cutler

    Would round off Easter perfectly With this selection, thanks Hels!

  26. What a prize! Would love the Easter Bunny to leave this for the weekend 🐣 🐰

  27. Would love to win!

  28. Heather Taylor

    Love this! Roast lamb and a beautiful French red for Easter sounds perfect. Maybe room for some chocolate too….. x

  29. What a giveaway!!!!

  30. As a newly “knackered mother” to a 7 month old born in lockdown 2020 this would be a great to share with family and celebrate the little ones arrival in style!!

  31. This would be enjoyed and appreciated more than ever this year!

  32. What a brilliant prize – sounds amazing! I’ve only recently joined the club/signed up to the newsletter and am truly loving finding about lots of different wine options, thank you Helen.

  33. Fabulous Prize. All sound delightful to make my Easter 🙂

    • Louise Donaldson

      Wishing each and every one of you a very happy Easter. We’re almost there I can see the light glimmering at the end of the tunnel. 😷🌈🌦. Well done on surviving the craziest year we have ever known xx

  34. siobhan chaney

    Amazing prize, would love to win!

  35. Karen Parry

    I’ve always been a Sauvignon blanc kind of person, that is, until Ive started watching your reviews with Kat and your Saturday kitchen wines. I’ve tried most of the wines you review, even the cocktails! Keep up the good work.

  36. Joanne Roberts

    Ooo definitely wine over chocolate for me …I would love to try these wines ☺️🍷🥂

    • Hannah Ross

      How wonderful!!

      I have given up alcohol 🍷🍾 for lent (what was I thinking?!) … And this would be a welcome treat come Easter 🐰! Thanks for all your brilliant recommendations Helen.
      Hannah xx

  37. Great post, the wine selection looks fabulous!

  38. Amazing, I need this prize as I’m a stay at home mum 🤪😆🥰.

  39. Would love this from my favourite wine expert thatmakes me smile every time on Saturday Kitchen 😊

  40. Diana Harmer

    It would be such a nice Easter break: trying new wines and reading “It Changes Everything”.
    The book is fantastic, I hope there are plans for part 2.

  41. These all look delicious. Would love to try them with my family!

  42. Michele Mowl

    I would really love to win this wine and share it with my family and friends.
    It would be amazing after a crazy tough year.

  43. This would make for a VERY Happy Easter xx

  44. 🐣🍷😋🤞🏻. I think that says it all!

  45. Carolyn Walpole

    There once was a mum called Helen
    In wine she gave us all a lesson
    “Free wine” she cried at Easter time
    And now I’m in seventh heaven!

    The wines all sound interesting, some unusual grape varieties I’d love to try….🤞🍷

  46. After a six week body transformation plan nothing would help me fall off the wagon like a beautiful case of wine!!

    • Kiran Williams

      This would truly make my Easter . I’ve not seen my husband for over a year . He has been stuck overseas in Oman . Hopefully he will be returning home in May and this wine would be a welcome hone present for him and us to celebrate .

  47. Jane Spencer

    WOW Wine for Easter plus the case contains a black cherry 🍒 Reserve due Tuguets Madiran from the same area you recommended to us many many years ago whilst you were with a well known supermarket. It’s become our Wedding anniversary (Easter Saturday) wine for supper with my very slow cooked Lamb roasted in 40 cloves of Isle of Wight wild garlic. Looking forward to trying all the recommendations .X Happy Easter Helen and Family X Jane Spencer .

  48. Sarah Gibson

    I feel like I’ve lost the ability to have a conversation over the past year. Wine would help that hehe…

  49. Rachael Brown

    Ooh yes please Helen! No word of a lie, I’m intolerant to chocolate, so no Easter eggs as usual for me this year. But some yummy wines would certainly help offset the torture of watching the hubby and kids devour their choccy hoard, and no doubt help put a smile on my face! X

  50. Laura Baslington

    Great prize, love the sound of these wines! Hope Easter brings everyone lots of chocolate and family time 🙂

  51. What an amazing competition prize 🙂 I’ll skip the chocolate and stick to the wine!!

  52. Love Easter, love wine, love Hells!

  53. This wine selection sounds amazing, what an Easter treat for someone 🐰🍷🥂🍾

  54. Katharine Poulter

    It is such an exciting idea to have a wine hamper from a grower to try their different wines and tastes all from the same vineyard. ‘Growers Tasting Hampers’ would definitely be a fab D2C concept Hels…you could introduce and give the tasting notes and food pairings, the growers could do a video showcasing their gorgeous countryside, vines, process and cellars. James Martin is doing this behind the scenes view on his Saturday Kitchen…popular…echoes to the old Waitrose adverts about provenance and buyers obsession…great to translate on to a commercial opportunity for your wine club…Kx

  55. Joanne Hamilton

    Sounds like some amazing wines to try & looking forward to celebrating this year!!

  56. Joanne Hamilton

    Some amazing wines to check out…can’t wait to celebrate!

  57. We’ve really enjoyed watching you on Saturday mornings during lockdown and you’ve lightened what has been a difficult time with a new baby in lockdown. A couple of nice bottles of wine would make my day! With love from one knackered mother to another! X

  58. Elizabeth Fuente Avila

    My goodness this would be a very lovely treat 😍😍 Soon to be a mum of two under 2 and I think I’ll need a wine or three 🙈🙈

  59. Imogen Watson

    I’ve just discovered you on Saturday Kitchen and I love hearing about new wines as I frequently find myself in a wine rut. I’d love this giveaway as an Easter treat for the family!

  60. Maria Brawn

    I would love to win some wine chosen by you rather than lazily deferring to my boring “usual” !!

  61. Yes please! Would love to win this prize!

  62. I would like to try these wines as part of life-long learning – never heard of any of them – and trust your judgement.

  63. Wines looks delicious. They look as though they can match all events planned over the Easter break. With a few family birthdays to catch up Easter is going to be a great time to share.

  64. Really enjoying trying new wines that aren’t in my comfort zone, thanks to your recommendations. It would be great to try a few more over Easter and even better if were allowed to share it with friends and family we haven’t been able to see in a while!

  65. Looking forward to sharing a glass with friends I’ve missed.

  66. Fabulous prize, need some inspiration to move away from my go to NZ SB

  67. Joyce Gunnigle

    What better way to celebrate the slight easing of lockdown – good wine with good friends!

  68. Amy Shepherd

    This would be the best gift from the Easter Bunny for a frazzled mummy!

  69. Catriona Williams

    Wine in the garden with friends, can’t wait. perfect selection for sharing.


    What a great way to celebrate Easter. Helen you truly bring joy into our lives!

  71. Karen Goold

    I look forward to wine time with you and Kat – absolutely hilarious and great wine reviews! Would love to win these to share with the husband!

  72. Kathi Hayter

    Can’t wait to try the red wines you recommend. Good way of trying new exciting things. Inspiring as always

  73. Caroline Pickering

    Looking forward to catching up with friends and family in the garden soon. These wines look amazing xx

  74. What an Easter treat this would be!
    Keep up the recommendations 🙂

  75. Alison Mitchell

    I’ll bring the Easter eggs and you provide the wine – what more could a girl ask for? 😍😍

  76. Alison Mitchell

    Easter wine – who needs chocolate?!?!

  77. Very intrigued to try! Perfect for Easter 🐣

  78. So delighted I found this blog! It’s my go to for decent supermarket wine, thanks for keeping us knackered mothers going.

  79. Kirsty Leslie

    Furlough has given me a new appreciation for wine and I have come to the understanding that if your going to buy wine buy good wine. So have just completed your booked the knocked mother’s wine guide after catching you and Kat on your wine tasting instergram lives. I’m now trying to build my wine collection so this prize would be a great addition.

  80. Janet Readings

    What a lovely Easter present that would be. Enjoy your blog and watching you on Saturday Kitchen.

  81. What a lovely generous idea!
    Would love to win this wine, would be uplifting and make my day!

  82. I would love to win these please! It would be even better to drink them in Saint Mont itself, but this year I’ll be so happy enjoying them in my garden with friends and family… finally!

  83. Sophie Malendewicz

    I’ve been feeling really inspired lately to learn more about wine – I’ve definitely upped my game on food pairing, and I’m loving learning about where wine is made and how that impacts on the flavours. I’m also trying to get my wine swirling action down to a tee! This is all thanks to you! I love how you make everything feel fun and accessible. Keep up the good work!

  84. Keira Blazey

    Wow! What an Easter treat that would be 🐣 🍷 I would love to win this so I could enjoy with my family and friends xx

  85. Rachel Liddon

    Love trying different wines at the moment and your recommendations always help so this would be a great gift.

  86. What an awesome give away, these would make Easter so much more enjoyable.

  87. Your selection sounds delicious – a wonderful way to celebrate Easter and the end of lockdown – hopefully

  88. What a treat. Delicious wines to share with friends and family in the garden this Easter. To win these would be a dream 💐☀️😊🍷🥂

  89. Wine or chocolate? That’s a difficult one. For me, it’s wine every time but my wife would go for chocolate, whilst happily sharing all the wine 🍷😂😍🥳

  90. Ann Marie Conlon-Taylor

    I love your wine recommendations, definitely prefer this to chocolate!

  91. kirsty scott

    Allez les bleus!

    have a fantastic easter – hopefully with some lovely French wine!!

  92. Sounds like a superb Easter 🐣 gift Helen! 🥂🍾🍷 I would love to share these with friends ❤ I hope you have a wonderful Easter 😊 xxx

  93. It is my partner’s 50th birthday next week and we have just celebrated 25 years together so this would be a brilliant prize to share when we can finally celebrate with our friends and family. Thanks Helen xx

  94. Jane Wilcock

    Definitely wine over chocolate! I’m not sure how I feel however about sharing my wine with 5 other people at Easter – I’ve got quite used to keeping it to myself! This selection however sounds fantastic so I guess it would be rude not to share! Fingers crossed xx

  95. Nicky Bonner

    Wine for Easter? Yes please 🙌🏻 🐣

  96. Having left Europe for most of my adult life (Australia/NZ/Texas) and coming back to the UK this year has emphasised my lack of European wine knowledge. It would be lovely to have a box to get to know the types of wine from a specific area of France. But I have just bought your book, so hopefully I will not be quite so blind in choosing wine from the continent in the future!

  97. What an interesting wine selection. I used to love the wines of this region when I used to go there often to visit my father. The fruit in Armagnac and Floc de Gascogne is lovely too in this area. You light up our lives with your cheerful wine notes on Saturday Kitchen and keep us away from dull wine choices. Thank you Helen and I hope that you have a lovely Easter too!

  98. This would be a fabulous prize, a great way to try new wines as always a bit scared incase I’m disappointed 🐣🐣🐣🍷🍷🍷

  99. Oooh! Wonderful giveaway! Easter wine beats chocolate eggs any day 🤣😋 x

  100. As you say, here’s to being able to drink with friends again soooon! Happy Easter 🐣

  101. Joanne Climance

    Follow you and Kat, often popping to the shops to buy your recommendations. Great way for a novice 😁 love to win this selection so me & Mr C can experience more fine wines 🍷🤞🏼

  102. Emma Whittlestone-Port

    A perfect Easter – Wine and loved ones! Cheers!

  103. Suzanne Davies

    Yay ! How fabulous & what a delicious treat 🍷

  104. Donna Laws-Randall

    What a fantastic give away, thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such a brilliant range of wines

  105. Samantha Day

    This would be fabulous, been reading your books and trying new wines every week now. Looks like a new Easter tradition😁

  106. Mike Barclay

    Recommendations have been delicious so far , would love to have some new wines to try with the family for socially distanced garden visits after April 12 th (fingers crossed ) .

  107. I’m trying to be more adventurous with the wine I try so this would be an excellent opportunity! Loving your Instagram lives with Kat-so funny 😆

  108. Louise Johnson

    What an incredible Easter treat this would be!

  109. Crossing my fingers and toes for a magical Easter present! Keep up the good work…!

  110. Having had such a sad year, winning some wine would give me a reason to smile.

  111. What a lovely prize! I would love to share with my sister now she has moved back from 4 years in HK with her four month old (and they finish isolating just in time for Easter) 😀

  112. This would definitely make our Easter!

  113. christine harris

    Always love the blog / reviews, really helped me out of a grape rut through lockdown, would be amazing to try this lovely lot with friends & family when we can 🙌🏻☀️🥂🙌🏻

  114. The prize would be a wonderful Easter 🐣 present as I read ‘this changes everything ‘!

  115. I adore wines from South-West France – a lot under-rated. Would love these to share with my family (at last). PS Have read every single one of your posts on here for at least 3 years (have lost count). Your wry comment on daily goings on always makes me smile.

  116. Delicous. Would love to try them, and after the year I’ve had, yes please !

  117. Would love to enjoy this wine with a friend in the garden this spring.

  118. Would love to enjoy this wine with a friend in the garden this spring

  119. Tracey Jackson

    Hi. I’ve just finished your book Knackered Mother’s Wine Club. Can so relate to the peace of putting the kids to bed and then relaxing with a nice glass of wine after a stressful day. You have inspired me to come away from my normal bottles and so this week when shopping I bought wines I’ve never tried. The first was a French white and it was delicious. What a result. Hopefully I might be lucky enough to win and you can inspire me more. Kind regards. Tracey x

  120. Thanks Helen! Happy Easter to you and yours x

  121. Lucinda Bailey-Coe

    Am preggo at the moment, but am about to pop and would LOVE to have some delish wine to look forward to please 🍷🍷🍷

  122. Definitely better than chocolate! This is very exciting and my wine fridge is in much need of a boost for the long awaited Easter weekend. Fingers and toes crossed 😬

  123. Chiara Wilson

    That would be the best Easter Bunny ever!!! I don’t get an Easter Egg because I don’t really like the Egg bit… I know that makes me weird but hey ho that’s me….

  124. Christie Fidura

    Terrific lineup of wines, Helen – I always love your recommendations!

  125. Yum, yes please!

  126. Wine winner or not, it’s going to be a long weekend of outdoorsyness, with family, what could be better?…well, lots of tasty wines would be a start!

  127. Sandra Clement

    I love the wines you recommend so be fab to have this little selection to enjoy. Please be me!!

  128. Trusha Kothari

    Oo these look fantastic! A case of this would be a delightful addition to the long weekend

  129. Kerri Cripps

    Hopefully we’ll have this for the Easter Wine hunt…picture grown women looking for wine hidden in the garden!
    Would love to win this!

  130. Grace Hughes

    This looks wonderful for the Easter holidays!

  131. Would love to win these as travelling to Kent for outside Easter lunch with my daughter after a day of ‘tying in’ on her recently planted vineyard, so wine will definitely be needed.

  132. First time visiting here after watching you with Kat, hoping to learn something!

  133. Vicki McLean

    Wine over chocolate, let me think about that for a moment….YES PLEASE!!
    Would be wonderful to be able to enjoy one, or more of these with actual real people, in person and not through Zoom. Roll on the sunny weather, and getting out of lockdown

  134. Amber Grace

    These wines sound amazing, bring on spring!

  135. What a lovely looking selection of wine – would love to win!

  136. Katharine Westcar

    Looks amazing and I would love to win!

  137. Emma Smith-Horne

    Would love to win the wine to share with my bubble! Desperately in need of social interaction 🥂

  138. Nic Appleton

    My girlfriends and I would sit in the garden and make this disappear 😀

  139. Anna Robinson

    We’re more wine than chocolate in our household too! Would love to try these. Good luck to everyone entering!!

  140. Leanne Westwood

    From one knackered mothers to another, what a fabulous way to celebrate Easter and a second lockdown Birthday! Thanks Hels, your knowledge and enthusiasm for wine, simply makes my day!

  141. Lynda Hutchinson

    What a lovely treat! I love French whites particularly the wine variants of the Chardonnay grape but need to get to know some good reds.

  142. More fab recommendations, thank you!

  143. Kerry Collier

    We’re spending Easter with my parents who are going to meet my 6 month old daughter for the first time! Good wine is exactly what we need to celebrate with 🙌🏻

  144. Sarah Spencer

    Wine not chocolate sounds like an eminently sensible idea!

  145. My kind of Easter!

  146. Sophie Carr

    Easter egg v chocolate? Which one can’t children have? I’ll have the wine please 🥰

  147. Have loved your Wine time InstaLives with Kat. Would love to win – surely wine is better for you than choc!! Also loved your book and can’t wait for the next one!

  148. 2nd lockdown birthday coming up, hubby going to be in hospital so even less ‘celebrating’ this year. Would love to have something to look forward to and I think this fits the bill!

  149. Gemma Coleman

    Ooo la la 🇫🇷, all sound divine😘would be lush to win😊

  150. Would love to win a case of wine to share with……myself 😉

  151. Win some Easter wine – yes please 🐣 Thanks to you and Kat on Instagram I’ve been adventurous and tried some gorgeous and different wines, would love to try the French ones too 💕

  152. Loving the wine recommendations

  153. Glenys Viveiros

    I never buy french wine, tend to choose Portuguese, or Chilean so would love to try something different, should be interesting. Love your wine recommendations on Tv and with Kat, they are such an enjoyable hour or so 😉👏👏👏

  154. Claire Goodchild

    Woah, drinking one of these at Easter would be a welcome change from vaccinating!! 😩🥳

  155. Ann Mathers

    Would love an Easter treat!! Kat and your wine tasting during lockdown has been my absolute find and pleasure! Thank you! Now massively out of pocket due to so many new finds, so this would help replenish!

  156. With such a fabulous looking selection it would be a sin to Passover such a chance to win them! So, fingers crossed. 🤞

  157. Suzanne Marriott

    Wow! What’s not to love, get sloshed with friends after lockdown ends! Crossing fingers, toes and wondering where all my wine glasses are…we’ve only used 2 for soooooo long

  158. Samantha Denham

    Can not think of anything better than receiving this selection and sharing glasses of wine with friends and family in the garden.

  159. Sarah Plummer

    Really need this Easter Jem!

  160. Jenine Martin

    What a prize! It would be great to share in a garden with friends!

  161. Sarah Douglas

    Would love this! 🥰 🍷

  162. Louise Howells

    Oh my goodness…..I’d love to share these wines with my friends & family🍷🍾🥰💕x

  163. Leyla Newling

    What a fab prize to win! 🍷🤞🏻

  164. Michele Forshaw

    You have opened my eyes and taste buds to so many wines, just love it! Thank you!

  165. James Hailey

    I look forward to sampling some these wines !

  166. Easter is the perfect time to enjoy some tasty reds.. all I need to do is decide on the food!

  167. Clare Harris

    Sounds like a delicious selection, your recommendations are so helpful when I want to try something different and don’t know where to start!

  168. Red wine and chocolate Easter eggs are a perfect pairing!

  169. Cheers to the Easter giveaway. Might need a hearty red or two to help keep the chill off by the firepit this Easter.

  170. Kathryn Little

    Love the wine choices 😊 what a great way to relax and enjoy Easter… and share with friends and family appreciating the luxury of spending time with those who mean so much to us 🌈😊🥂🍷

  171. Entering because I haven’t drunk enough wine during covid 🤦‍♀️. This would be fab to share with loved one x

  172. Sarah McLellan

    Would love to share this wine with the family at Easter! Thank you xx

  173. Nicky Somerville

    What a great opportunity to celebrate and share beautiful wines with friends and family that I haven’t been able to raise a glass with in person for too long. Cheers all. Here’s to sharing happy times. 🍷🥂

  174. Such a lovely selection – would be a dream to win! Good luck everyone :).

  175. Sounds fab, I’m loving the wine recommendations, I’ve tried lots of wines I probably wouldn’t have thought of so cheers Helen, will be heading off to Tesco (again) to try some of these! X

  176. Yes please! These are new wines to me ….. perfect for celebrating a family get together (in the garden!) x

  177. Sunshine & Wine…..Sounds divine! 🌞🍷💃

  178. Plaimont is a region I am not familiar with and I’d really love to give these wines a try.

  179. What an amazing combination – meeting up and wine!

  180. Sally Langley

    Easter without chocolate? No
    Easter without wine? No way!!!! 🍷❤️

  181. Karen Gresswell

    Easter wine sounds incredible what a wonderful competition. Love watching Saturday morning kitchen though I usually watch on catch up in the afternoon. Feet up cuppa and good food and wine. Perfect x

  182. Thanks for the wine recommendations over lockdown, i have enjoyed tasting different wines and loved them all. Happy Easter1

  183. Hi Helen, Easter now let me think .. !!!! YES PLEASE after surviving a whole year on my whole in a house in wales, working from home unable to see my friends & family back home in Cornwall. I would love a treat to hopefully share with everyone once we can all sit around the table again together laugh, joke, eat, drink and be merry! PS my Saturday morning aren’t complete without Hells Bells campaigning for the Rose (pink posse) keep up the good work!!

  184. They all look really yummy! Regardless of the competition I’ll have to keep an eye out for them when I do my shopping.
    I too CAN’T wait for all the garden socialising that will soon be allowed – I’ve just got my fingers crossed we have a spring and summer like last year! I invested in a chiminea over the winter in anticipation and now am counting the days til I can sit round it with my friends, catching up and enjoying a good wine (or two)…

  185. Eileen Watson

    What a great prize! Just in time for easing out of lockdown. Roll on Easter. 🥂🐣

  186. Janette McMylor

    The weather is supposed to be marvellous over the Easter weekend , what could be better than sitting in the sun , enjoying a tipple contemplating the work to be done in the garden and think ……Sod it , open another.

  187. I can’t think of a better way to end Lent and break the fast (bread and wine right – they had it nailed a long time ago..) 🙏🏻🍷🍷🍞 *except I didn’t actually do Lent because I couldn’t give up wine obvs.

  188. stephanie webb

    I’m really enjoying your blog – I’m a recent finder of it and love it. X

  189. Kate Christie

    Amazing if I win! What a happy Easter 🐣 🍷🍷🍷

  190. Fiona Robertson

    Thanks for continuing to provide suggestions to put in the fridge and wine rack – brightens up the week the weeks and months . Would be great to have additions.
    Happy Easter

  191. Julian Tredinnick

    A massive thank you for the chance and good luck one and all!
    WiIl certainly be a step up from Mead!

  192. I have recently read two of your books Helen. I thoroughly enjoyed them both. I read the Knackered Mother’s Wine Club Book as we have just turned our basement into a wine cellar. As lovers of wine this seemed like a great idea. I wanted to learn a bit more about wine and found your book a really useful and refreshing resource. I then read This Changes Everything. I read it in a few days which is very unusual for me. I loved it, I couldn’t put it down. I can’t recommend these 2 completely different books highly enough. Well done. Thank you so much x

  193. Where would we be without your fab reviews? Life is so much brighter in the KMW club although my family find it hilarious that I now spend ages swirling and sniffing my glass wine before actually drinking it! 🤣🍷

  194. Hi Helen. I’ve just stumbled across your Instagram feed, watched your drink along with @doesmybumlook40 (hilarious by the way), and found my way to your website. My other half and I have spent the last couple of years spending our Easter holidays discovering different wine regions in France (camping so nothing glamorous) – as I’m determined to improve my “old world wine” education and palate. I’d be so happy to win this Easter prize, as we haven’t discovered Plaimont wines as yet. I’m so glad I found you 🙂

  195. Samantha Clutton

    Hi Helen….. I love your Instagram and I’m an avid fan of Saturday Kitchen too.. I would be so pleased to win this Easter prize … You’re a star xxx

  196. Jules Godfrey

    I haven’t bought my Easter wine yet, so this would be perfect, particularly as my 19 year old medic student daughter is coming home from uni for a brief respite and she likes a good glass of wine, something I suspect she has been lacking at uni! So looking forward to this Easter- had so many difficult days this last year but I can see sunlight and there will be wine.


    I would LOVE this to share with my family or to just to enjoy all to myself.🍷
    Can you drink wine whilst hiding in the bathroom… asking for a friend…??


  198. I’ve gone from empty nest to full nest in the space of a week as two of my sons and a girlfriend have moved back in! Need some good wine to help ease the transition if I can find a quiet corner!

  199. Now that’s what I call my rule of six 😆

  200. It is so nice to see reasonably priced wines being recommended at places where you can actually buy them easily – love your suggestions

  201. Lily Crockford

    I have become an avid follower of yours since lockdown started, I absolutely love going to the supermarket to hunt down your recommendations! I have just moved into a new place and although I won’t be allowed to have people over for a little while wouldn’t it be great to have the fridge stocked for when they do!

  202. Be wonderful to share this with the family!

  203. My kind of Easter! I’ve asked the hubby for The chocolate block…lets hope he gets it right!! Cheers xx

  204. Thank you for all the great recommendations Helen. What a wonderful prize 💕

  205. What an amazing giveaway. Made my mouth water reading about the different wines. It would be such a treat to win!

  206. Love reading your blog. Would be very nice to win a case of wine to try!

  207. I signed up to your blog today after seeing you with Kat tasting wine and food last week , really enjoyed it 😊 would love a case of wine for Easter 🐣 x

  208. What a treat. Super idea

  209. Jade Broggio

    I know Plaimont wines very well and I’d love to win 🙂

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