Sorry, I know I have been talking about turning forty for weeks now, but my actual birthday is today and after that I promise to shut up about it. The Husband is away for work *sad face*, but my mother is coming over this evening with a Chinese take-away and I’ve got a bottle of fizz in the fridge ready (another brilliant, if not obvious match). I know. It’s hardly rock and roll. But I like it.

Current white in the fridge: Piggy Bank Verdejo 2011, currently £6.99, Waitrose
The idea behind the Piggy Bank range is simple: 50p from every bottle sold goes into a piggy bank, and we can vote – via email or facebook – for the charities that we would like the money to be donated to from a selection on the Piggy Bank website. Clever, eh? This is a peachy, pungent white from Spain’s Castilla region. Ideal fridge-door stuff, served really chilled. 

Current red on the side: Piggy Bank Grenache 2011, currently £6.99, Waitrose
This is one of the reds available in the range and I absolutely loved it: gloriously juicy Southern French red. It is uncomplicated, unadulterated happiness in a glass. It smells not unlike the carton of blackberries we picked yesterday, with a lick of spice to boot. Soft, strong and surprisingly long, this is properly lovely stuff. Had a glass with my tomato soup, worked a treat. 

Please note these wines were kindly sent to me to try by the people who make it but as that kind of defeats the object, I’ll buy some more later this week so adding my bit to the piggy bank.

Pip pip x

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  1. Happy Birthday! I didn't go out for my 40th either, something to do with having a 6 week old baby.

    Enjoy the fizz and food. xx

  2. Happy Birthday! (40 is nothing, by the way. At 40, you are still definitely a spring chicken. Well, you're younger than me, so you must be, as I am…)

  3. Happy 40th! Enjoy, all sounds lush!

  4. Happy birthday Helen! I love Chinese and I love bubbly wine so sounds like a good party to me 🙂
    I'll be catchin up soon, 40 at the end of this year…

  5. Wishing you the loveliest of days. And don't forget, turning 40 demands AT LEAST 40 days of celebrations…

  6. happy birthday sister…. xxx

  7. Happy happy birthday. Am thinking your birthday is a great excuse to open something nice. Or it's a Tuesday. Or something…

  8. Happy birthday! Here's to the next 4o!

  9. Happy Birthday! Mine's next year and I am determined to embrace* it!

    *cry, feel old and drink too much.


  10. Hope it was a goodie hun! I spent my 40th over here in the UK on the other side of the world from my friends and family, but I did have my man to cheer me up. 😉 No doubt your hubby made it up to you for being away on his inconvenient business trip! x

  11. Belated Happy Birthday!
    Both Piggy Bank wines sound fab!

  12. Hope you had a stupendous birthday. I will be joining you in a few months, so please tell me life does really begin at 40! x

  13. Love the fizzy stuff and always have. You are so young! Ten years younger than me…think of all that good boozing time you have ahead of you.

  14. Shengri kuaile! (Mandarin for Happy Birthday)
    40!?? it's a nothing – you are only just approaching your prime, you haven't even got there yet.
    Here in China it is the 33rd and 66th birthdays that are the worrisome ones for women. Obviously you have sailed through 33 so thats ok. When you are 66 (four years time in my case) you have to buy a piece of meat and give it to your daughter or nearest female relative who has to whack it with a cleaver 66 times and then throw it away…no, I am not making this up…any bad vibes will then be in the meat and your year will be fine. Forty – huh! its a stroll in the park. Anyway, hope you have a lovely weekend with your nearest and dearest.
    PS love your wine reviews, just wish I could get half the stuff out here.

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