Last week was mad, in a very good way. I won Red’s Hot Women Award in the Blogger category. I met some amazing people. And I was in the room with CLARE BALDING. This is all anyone has asked me about, so for the record:

1. She looks super-friendly (but I didn’t get close enough to say hello/hang on to her ankles)
2. She led the standing ovation when Doreen Lawrence received her award
3. She made the most incredible acceptance speech (watch it here)

I, on the other hand, laughed nervously, rambled a bit and then didn’t quite know how to get off the stage. But I did thank you all, dear readers of this blog. Here’s me with the award (note lack of horrible lipstick colour and normal arm. I’ve learned my lesson).

I met the adorable Martha Payne (and her mum!) from Neverseconds (winner of the One To Watch award) and was left feeling – frankly – exhausted by the achievements of double-winner and Decoded founder Kathryn Parsons. I was in great company in the blogger category too, including Katie Treggiden, Susanna Scott and Kerstin Rodgers. And I was thrilled to meet last year’s Blogger winner, Sasha Wilkins, aka Liberty London Girl.

Back to earth. Or at least wine.

Current white in the fridge: Waitrose Soave Classico, currently £5.59 on offer, Waitrose
I mentioned the new Waitrose own label wines a few weeks ago and when I went to buy a few to try them, found they had a 20% discount on them. But even at £6.99 this is pretty good value. Soave is made in the Veneto region in Italy, from the Garganega grape and this one is classic. In fact, Classico – meaning made from vineyards rated as producing better quality wines than those from normal Soave vineyards. For me, peaches and almonds sealed with a lemony kiss. Needs nothing more than the children’s stash of breadsticks but loved roast chicken too.  

Current red in the rack: Waitrose Beaujolais, currently £5.59 on offer, Waitrose
Same as the Soave, this is normally £6.99 and is one of the new Waitrose own label wines. I bunged it in the trolley thinking it would go nicely with pork chops. And I imagine it would have done, had I remembered to buy the pork chops. Bought two tubs of ice-cream and chocolates for the Christmas tree, but not, you know, supper. Anyway, made from the Gamay grape this is ripe with juicy raspberry fruits and supple as Louis Smith. Delicious. 

Pip pip x

P.S. Congratulations to Nats B, Claire N and Expat Mum, winners of the wine and chocs! Please email me (knackeredmother + @ + and let me know where you’d like the prizes sent. Watch Granny doing the draw here

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  1. Dr Uncle Bunny

    Rather impressed!

  2. Wow – go you! that's brilliant. And you look gorgeous – a great advert for lots of wine drinking (hurrah!). Ashamed to say I had to Google "Clare Balding" to find out who she was. That's what happens when you spend every free minute (7, a day, cumulatively) watching Swedish crime thrillers online. Anyway… congratulations. V well deserved. This is turning into quite a year for you!

  3. How many more things can you do to make me proud of you and your blog! So thrilled xx

  4. Well done, I'm so very pleased for you, sending hugs and much love xx

  5. Love the video – your mum looks very fetching in the hat! (Oh yes, and as you know, congratulations on winning your well-deserved award!) PM x

  6. You look GORGEOUS! And well done! So exciting, you're flying Helen! And love the vid, you look just like your mum!

  7. Good for you. Congratulations AGAIN! Really thrilled to see you doing so well. 🙂

  8. OMG – I won. I've just won an Expat Blog award today too! Can things get any better? Thank you. (Will send address).

    And a HUGE congrats on your win. Very glam and well-deserved.

  9. Woohooo, congratulations!! That's so cool. And I know you!!! 🙂 xx

  10. That must have been incredibly exciting, congratulations. Clare Balding is an absolute legend isn't she? I used to be a sports spread betting trader in the city (the first ever girl, I think). She was a fantastic racing presenter then and commanded great respect from all in the industry. I too, had a girl crush on her back then!

  11. Hi
    Congratulations on your award. Thanks for mentioning my blog too!

  12. Amazing and thoroughly deserved. Get you, all famous! xx

  13. Wow I am so impressed!!!!! Well done and thoroughly well deserved.

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