So, we had a little party last night for friends who couldn’t make it to London for the official KMWC book launch a few weeks ago. And as you can see, my mum made herself useful. Yes, she is actually signing my book. And what’s more, no-one seemed to mind.

In other news (back to me! Yes, me! Over here!), earlier this evening I did a frenetic Twitter Q&A here, another one over here and the book got a great review in the paper here. And the publisher told me the first weeks’ sales for the book. I think my mum will be proud. 
Current white in the fridge: Contesa Pecorino 2012, £7.99 if you buy 2, Majestic
Buy this because it has a mad scribble on the label. Buy this because the grape it is made from has the same name as a cheese. But most of all, buy this because it is delicious. If you’re not in the mood for the grassy Sauvignon but don’t want a fruity Chardonnay either, this gives you crisp, lemony flavours with form. Brilliant, refreshing and just the right side of out there. Eat with Pecorino, the cheese. Or a bowl of crisps. Up to you. I’m not that controlling. 
Current red in the rack: Asda Extra Special Dao 2010, £5 on offer, Asda
Seriously, this wine is an absolute steal at £5. I almost feel like I am shoplifting. Made from the Touriga Nacional grape (among others) this is a brilliant way to see if you and Portuguese reds have a future together. Says herbal and black fruit notes on the front label, according to their Master of Wine buyer Philippa Carr. Spot on, I’d say. And with roast lamb, it’s a 

Peace out, winos x
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  1. *runs off to Asda before the school run!*
    Lovely to twitter party last night with you.
    sending hugs and LOVING your book x

  2. I want to read it now! Is there a Kindle version?

  3. Lovely to raise a glass to your success last night…thank you for sharing. You and the book stunned the lot of us in your pink jackets and there were lots of us…you couldn't have squeezed another knackered mother in the room if you'd tried! LOVING the book. If you're reading this and you're not in possession of a copy yet buy it now on amazon xxx

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