I started a post last night, then suddenly remembered I was supposed to be baking something for today’s Sports Day. It was 10pm. I went to the fridge, took out a solid block of butter and realised it just wasn’t going to happen. And so it was I started my day with a sprint of my own, round the local Co-op stopping only to pick up two packets of chocolate chip cookies before racing back to school in time for the first starting gun. I’d talked to the children about it being the taking part rather than the winning that counts. But I remember bouncing last over the finishing line on an orange space hopper in the obstacle race aged about six only too well. Some might say it was character building. Let’s just say I’ve struggled to see the fun in space hopping ever since. What was fun was sharing a stage with Anjum Anand on Saturday at BritMums Live, a big blogging conference in London. Anjum takes a fresher, lighter approach to cooking Indian food and having bought her latest book, I’m planning on making her Goan Coconut Chicken Curry one night this week. I might just start a little earlier this time.

Current rose in the fridge: Foncaussade Les Parcelles Rose 2012, £5.99, Waitrose
Apologies, this is out of stock in my local Waitrose. Because I bought it all. At this price, it was incredibly good value. Made from a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot grapes in the Bergerac region in France, this is rose in not so pale form. Rather, it’s got lots of colour, fruit – strawberries, raspberries – and best of all, refreshing, juicy loveliness. Uncomplicated, made-to-please rose. I’m sorry if I drank it all. Went brilliantly with my bodyweight in pistachios. 

Current red in the rack: Decoy Zinfandel 2010, £22, The Wine Treasury
Given to me by Arthur from The Wine Treasury. If you are a fan of Californian wines (or Oregon or Washington State for that matter) I suggest you have these people on speed dial. They are seriously nuts about wines from here. Not cheap, but the choice is fantastic. I visited the Duckhorn winery in the Napa Valley years ago (we’re talking BC) and adored the wines back then. Big, sumptuous reds were their thing. The Decoy range is their everyday range (!) but I’m thinking more Friday night. This Zinfandel is all soft and juicy with tons of black fruit and spice. Was a-mazing with burgers. 

Peace out, winos x
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  1. The kids don't care who baked things as long as they're yummy, and you've more than "proved" yourself with the mums. 🙂 (Or is that "proven"? I've been here too long.)

  2. I never bake anything for the school! Gave up on that years ago….
    Was lovely to meet you – and Anjum (that goan curry sounds delicious) – there's a pic of you over at mine by the way (!). x

  3. Just starting to get v bake-y at home though I never was into it before. With a young child, I've decided its better she eat my bad attempts at healthy baking than all the horrible and chemical packaged goods. A recent resolution was to bake at least once a week, we'll see if I can keep it up! 😉

    BTW love a good burger wine!

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