So, we’ve done Sports Day. Now we’ve just got the School Fete (cue calls for homemade cakes) and a School Play (cue more calls for homemade cakes) to go. As you may know, I sometimes resort to the fake bake at this stage. But one thing I can do is Teachers’ Presents. Now, some of my children are in a class that has a mother who emails all the other parents and suggests we all contribute to vouchers for, say, John Lewis. Genius. But if flying solo, I’ve always gone for wine on the grounds that after a long summer term, a glass of something completely delicious is never going to go down badly. A small bottle of Champagne (20cl) is a particular favourite, normally under £10 and contains enough for a couple of glasses. Here are a few other ideas:

Top of the Glass sparklingPhilippe Michel Cremant Du Jura, £6.99, Aldi
This is a proper sparkler (the bubble-making second fermentation happens in the bottle, like it does in Champagne) from the trendy Jura region in France. It’s properly gorgeous, with quite a light floral smell to it and lots of crisp apple flavours. Bottle looks lovely, price is unbelievable. 

Top of the Glass white: Tesco Finest Picpoul de Pinet 2013, £7.99, Tesco
I almost always have a bottle of this somewhere in the house, if not in the fridge door. People who love Sauvignon usually love it. People who love Chardonnay usually love it. In fact, I am yet to find someone who doesn’t find the joy in a glass of the ‘lip stinger’ (what the name of the grape means). Summer in vinous form. From the Languedoc region in France, and in a fab looking bottle, too. 

Top of the Glass red: Heredad del Rey Reservada, £5.99 on offer, Waitrose
This one’s got a couple of quid off at the moment, so really good value for money. It’s a blend of Monastrell and Syrah grapes, made in Yecla which is one of Spain’s buzziest wine regions. Really juicy, with lots of thick bramble fruits and some spice too (it’s been aged in oak barrels). Fantastic barbecue wine, goes with anything meaty and chargrilled. Nice label, obviously. 

Peace out, winos x

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  1. I'm not sure I should have read this!

  2. Hi Helen,
    My vote would be for the Monastrell, been drinking a lot of this recently especially when in Murcia Spain visiting our daughter who's been studying at Uni there for the past year. Great present as it's something different.


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