Crumbs. She’s back.

The last time we picked a winner on the blog, my mother wasn’t available to do the honours. She was on her way to the cinema ‘2 c When I wake up’. Not only does she text like a teen, she has a brilliant way of slightly re-wording things (she was actually seeing Before I Go To Sleep). She asked me the other day if I’d ever had my eyebrows ‘shredded’ (translation: threaded). Anyway, I popped in this morning for a coffee and she did the honours, picking a winner for the brilliant new cookbook from Claire & Lucy MacDonald, Crumbs. She does make me LOL.

Current white in the fridge: Cono Sur Bicicleta Viognier 2013, £6.79 on offer, Waitrose
Had a half glass of this with my mother today, she wanted to know what I thought as she’s in charge of buying the wine for the village Harvest Supper. And it’s perfect, actually. In that it’s a properly autumnal wine: it tastes of baked apples and spice and has got a little bit more alcohol in it, giving it warmth and weight. Lovely Viognier from one of Chile’s most dependable producers. Just what’s needed, I’d say. 

Current red in the rack: Extra Special Yarra Valley Pinot Noir 2012, £7.98, Asda
Made by the De Bortoli family (the ones who make Noble One, a beautiful sweet Semillon that’s reached national treasure status in Australia), this is what happens when Pinot Noir feels at home in Australia. There’s black cherry fruit and spice, not too heavy but lovely with it. The Yarra Valley is tucked down south, not far from Melbourne. Perfect when the neighbours pop in. 

Peace out, winos x

Competition result! Well done Jane Willis! Email me at knackered mother @ gmail dot com with your details and a book will be on its way soonest.

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  1. Oooh thanks! I've shifted my "breakfast time blog reading" to 4am due to a sleepless night and this has cheered me up no end! Email heading your way.

  2. Meant to be writing my latest post … and got distracted. Your Mum sounds great – and I love your style of writing – it makes me want to buy the wine, which I think would be a very sophisticated thing to do! Along with buying the Hobbs dress that I really lust. Unfortunately, it may cause an awkward moment on the part of Long Suffering Husband (LSH).

    Regarding the wine – not the dress! 🙂

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