So, this time last week I’d just filed a story for the paper. It was a bit of a deviation for me because it wasn’t about wine. Rather, it was about how I met my husband. And though I realised a fair few people would read it, nothing prepared me for the response to the piece. Aside from completely freaking my sister out (I hadn’t realised she’d be waking up to my face plastered on the front page of the paper’s online home page – she thought she was hallucinating), my phone and facebook page melted with messages. From the school run to the queue in the supermarket; even the postman had read it. TV and radio stations called all morning asking if I’d go on air to talk about it. Strangers emailed to say how much they’d enjoyed reading it. Of course there were some less than kind comments below the piece online (my sister read out some of her favourites to me) but most of them were gorgeous. Turns out everyone loves a love story. Well, almost everyone.

Chin chin x

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  1. I DID read all about it! And also the comment (some of which were, frankly, quite mad.) What a lovely story.

  2. Was delighted to read all about it and very happy for you all! X

  3. Just followed the link and loved your "love story" – I met my husband 12 yrs ago, literally bumping into each other going in/coming out of a doorway. Me 35, him 30.
    Love at first sight – very odd really – there was absolutely no way of avoiding it. We moved in together 2 weeks later and got married within the year, now with 2 kids and still blissful. Fairytales do sometimes happen!

  4. Lovely story, what a wonderful life and history!

    LCM x

  5. Yay for you both (or all five!). Glad I popped over and sorry for being so absent. Hope all is splendid!

    ps looked for you at the Borders book festival but you weren't there…. boo! Next year maybe?

    • Ah, thank you Harriet…all splendid, usual mayhem. Didn't do the Borders Festival this year but would love to meet up again – will shout when coming north of the border! x

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