Play Time

Well, here we are. Six weeks of summer holidays. Six. Whole. Weeks. I mean, there’s lots to love. No school runs, no last minute hunts for clean school uniform and no reading book guilt. This is all good. Not so good: the permanent canteen/washing/taxi service needed to keep things ticking over. But I have a plan – and I don’t mean simply ordering in more wine (although that is absolutely part of the plan). No, I’m talking about letting them get bored. Because apparently, that enables them to develop their ability to be creative. Now that’s what I call creative parenting.

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  1. Amen to that! *chinks glass x

  2. Great plan! 😉 chin chin to the cheeky monkeys getting bored / creative!

  3. Place to Stand

    I’m a shocked for being ‘bigoted’ re only drinking French wines, am off the sauce anyway as training for a 10k run in August – raising money for oral cancer research – my sis in recovery from tongue cancer.

    These wines I will buy as offerings and YAY to being bored x

  4. Hmnnn good luck with that one! Really hope you have a fab holidays….

  5. I love Chenin Blanc at this time of year and my favourite is Gavi. But English Bacchus is great too, goes well with BBQ fish!

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