You know how kids get a sticker if they’re brave/don’t cry when they visit the dentist? I think parents should get one of those for surviving the school shoe shop. Honestly, the seventh circle of hell is a more pleasant place to hang out than the John Lewis children’s shoe department in the last week of the school holidays. Which have been great, by the way. Lots of camping, paddle boarding and barbecues, with a week in France to boot. But man, am I ready for them to go back to school. Srsly. All that cooking! All that constant parenting! At least when they’re at school you get a break from all that. Yes, I know it’s going to whizz by and before I know it they’ll be all grown up blah blah blah but right now, I can’t wait for next week when I’ll get some hours in the day to get stuff done (or nap).

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  1. Helen. Sympathy to you ! Remember it well. Does JL still have the ticket system in the children’s shoe department?
    That’s why colouring books are now so popular…for adults!

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