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Last Saturday night, we had our biennial School Ball. It might be a tiny village school but when it comes to parties, it goes large. We’re talking black tie, dinner, dancing. For the last ten years I’ve had a go-to dress for such occasions: jade green, very Studio 54 (in my head). Minus the horse, obviously. Problem was my go-to dress, last worn two years ago, had become a no-go dress. Seriously, not even Spanx could salvage the situation. I needed a new one in which I could a) breathe b) dance like a loon without fear of showing my knickers and c) still look ‘with it’ as my mother would say. (And now me, evidently). Thanks to the Matches sale and a large glass of white I found one – black, knee length, lace sleeves, waisted, perfect – and had a ball. I loved wearing it. Which is just as well given it’s got to see me through the next ten years.

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Current white in the fridge: Le Stelle Vermentino di Sardegna

Price: £6.29 - Buy From Waitrose

The Vermentino grape is an underrated gem; a bit like Sauvignon Blanc minus the nose-full of fresh cut grass and often with more weighty lemon and grapefruit flavours. But essentially, a crisp white with really interesting flavours that’s well worth putting in your glass. This one’s from Sardinia, which produces around half of the world’s Vermentino. Fresh, ripe and goes with anything from chicken to fish to a handful of salted almonds. Especially those. This one’s normally £8.49 but it’s on offer until next week so a real bargain at the price.

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Current red in the rack: Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel Matured Shiraz

Price: £12.00 - Buy From Sainsburys

I love this idea. First, the wine is aged in traditional wine barrels. So far, so normal. But then, the wine is put into used Scotch whisky barrels for a bit longer. Hence double barrel. Clever, eh? In this case, it’s good quality Shiraz sourced from vineyards across Australia. It’s a big bear hug of a red with lots of classic spicy Shiraz fruit flavours – blackcurrant, plum, black cherry – and a gorgeous mellow toasty character (that’ll be the double barrels). Definitely needs food, preferably steak.

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  • 7 years ago

    Helen. You’re such an economic savvy lady! Making your dress/ clothes work so hard for you.
    This is also mirrored in your super wine selections. Long may you continue to find the “gems”. Regards Peter ( Ex Wine Adviser)

    • Helen McGinn
      7 years ago

      Thanks, Peter!

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