Last Saturday night, we had our biennial School Ball. It might be a tiny village school but when it comes to parties, it goes large. We’re talking black tie, dinner, dancing. For the last ten years I’ve had a go-to dress for such occasions: jade green, very Studio 54 (in my head). Minus the horse, obviously. Problem was my go-to dress, last worn two years ago, had become a no-go dress. Seriously, not even Spanx could salvage the situation. I needed a new one in which I could a) breathe b) dance like a loon without fear of showing my knickers and c) still look ‘with it’ as my mother would say. (And now me, evidently). Thanks to the Matches sale and a large glass of white I found one – black, knee length, lace sleeves, waisted, perfect – and had a ball. I loved wearing it. Which is just as well given it’s got to see me through the next ten years.

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  1. Helen. You’re such an economic savvy lady! Making your dress/ clothes work so hard for you.
    This is also mirrored in your super wine selections. Long may you continue to find the “gems”. Regards Peter ( Ex Wine Adviser)

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